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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Bad Aussee resistance movement and 'Operation Berhard'Bad Aussee resistance movement and 'Operation Berhard' collection, 1944-1956, (1153/1-5) comprises copies of original documents. The collection notab...Wiener Library2008-04-11
Hirsch family documentsPapers of the Hirsch Family, 1934-1957, comprise personal and family papers of Jonni Hirsch including the copies of Abraham Hirsch's 19th century war ...Wiener Library2008-08-18
Lustig, Louis (b 1874): Account of conditions in SachsenhausenPersonal account by Louis Lustig of his arrest for treason in March 1938 and his subsequent imprisonment in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Pakuscher, Rolf (c 1916-1946): report of the closure of AuschwitzReport and report transcript regarding the closing of Auschwitz, the subsequent march to Sachsenhausen and the liberation entitled: 'Bericht über die ...Wiener Library2007-11-07
Persecution of Gypsies under the Nazis: RecordsPapers relating to the persecution of Gypsies under the Nazis, 1934-1996, including personal statements of Sinti and Roma on Nazi persecution; intervi...Wiener Library2008-03-19

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