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SAINT PETER'S SAFFRON HILL NATIONAL SCHOOL Deeds of St Peter's Saffron Hill National School, later St Peter's Saffron Hill Schools, situated in Onslow Street, in the parish of St Peter Saffron...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SAINT PAUL, UPPER HOLLOWAY: KINGSDOWN ROAD, ISLINGTON Records of the parish of Saint Paul, Upper Holloway, Islington, including registers of baptisms, marriages, banns, and confirmations; registers of ch...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT PAUL, NEW SOUTHGATE: ENFIELD Records of the parish of Saint Paul, New Southgate, including registers of baptism and marriages; papers relating to income and endowments; papers of...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-19
SAINT PAUL, DOCK STREET: DOCK STREET, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Saint Paul, Dock Street, Stepney, including registers of baptisms, banns, marriages and church services; Parochial Church Co...London Metropolitan Archives2019-10-14
SAINT PAUL, BRENTFORD: SAINT PAUL'S ROAD, HOUNSLOW Records of the parish of Saint Paul, Old Brentford, including registers of baptisms, marriages, banns of marriage, confirmations and church services;...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-19
SAINT PAUL'S, MILL HILL: THE RIDGEWAY, BARNET Records of the Mill Hill Chapel, Hendon, including article of agreement stating that Zachariah and James Bowden and William Wilberforce of Highwood H...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-25
SAINT PAUL'S CATHEDRAL: CHOIR SCHOOL The archives of the Saint Paul's Cathedral Choir School, which go back no further than the early 19th century, include registers of pupils, Ms 29518-...London Metropolitan Archives2014-10-08
SAINT NICHOLAS, TOOTING GRAVENEY: CHURCH LANE, WANDSWORTH Records of the parish of Saint Nicholas, Church Lane, Tooting Graveney, including registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; burial fees books; Pa...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT MICHAEL-AT-BOWES, SOUTHGATE: WHITTINGTON ROAD, EDMONTON Records of Saint Michael-at-Bowes, Southgate, including registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; registers of church services; papers relating t...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-25
SAINT MICHAEL, WANDSWORTH COMMON: CHATHAM ROAD, WANDSWORTH Records of the church of Saint Michael, Wandsworth Common, including registers of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and church services; Parochial ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-05-26

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