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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL Papers of the City of London School, comprising list of donors and subscribers, 1832. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION AND INDUSTRY Papers of the City of London School of Instruction and Industry. The records include minutes, accounts, registers of pupils, reports, letter books an...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
COLEMAN STREET WARD SCHOOLS Papers of the Coleman Street Ward Schools, comprising minutes, accounts, admission registers and log books, deeds and administrative papers.


London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CORDWAINER AND BREAD STREET WARD SCHOOLS Trustees' minute book for the Cordwainer and Bread Street Ward Schools. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CORNHILL AND LIME STREET WARDS SCHOOLS Records of the Cornhill and Lime Street Wards School, comprising minutes of the Committee of Management; treasurer's journals; financial accounts and...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CORNHILL AND LIME STREET WARDS' CHARITY SCHOOLS History of the Cornhill and Lime Street Wards Charity Schools. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CORNHILL, LIME STREET AND LANGBOURN WARDS SCHOOLS Records of Cornhill, Lime Street and Langbourn Wards Schools, comprising girls admission register and log books.


London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
CRIPPLEGATE WITHIN WARD SCHOOLS Cripplegate Within Ward Schools records, comprising minutes, attendance registers and log books, a declaration of trust, inspector's reports and deed...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
FARRINGDON WITHIN WARD SCHOOLS Farringdon Within Ward Schools records comprising a register of sermons preached for the benefit of the children, and volume of accounts. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-28
LANGBOURN WARD SCHOOL The only surviving records of Langbourn Ward School are trustees' minutes from 1738 and a set of rules. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05

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