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De Morgan Lectures, notesStudent's notes on lectures on Algebraic Geometry and the Calculus, given by Augustus De Morgan at University College London from 11 March to 13 May 1...University College London2020-06-22
De Morgan LettersLetters of thanks from Augustus De Morgan to F Hendriks for sending him certain pamphlets and publications. ...University College London2020-06-29
De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 163)Correspondence between De Morgan and Sophia Frend (two items), 1836 and undated; letter from De Morgan to Sir Jonathan Pollock, 1865; miscellaneous un...University College London2020-06-29
De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 69)Mathematical fragments, letters, and papers. ...University College London2020-06-26
De Morgan TractsAugustus De Morgan's mathematical tracts, copied by John Power Hicks from the original manuscripts in the Library of University College London. ...University College London2020-06-22
De Morgan Volume'Elements of statics', a volume written for publication at the proposal of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, though it was never actu...University College London2020-06-23
Dent, Charles Enrique (1911-1976)The vast majority of the material relates to Dent's research and clinical interests and falls into four main categories: correspondence files; files c...Wellcome Library2008-12-30
Department of Education and ScienceRecords relating to the Department of Science and Art, 1853-1984; comprising printed articles, annual reports of the Department, 1853-1899, Board of E...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2001-08-07
DINGLE, Professor Herbert (1890-1978)Papers of Professor Herbert Dingle, 1904-1978, comprising personal papers, 1904-1970, notably papers relating to appointments at Imperial College, 192...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2001-04-03
Donnan PapersPapers of Frederick George Donnan, comprising a long series of general correspondence; eight subject files of correspondence relating to committees an...University College London2020-06-18

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