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Russian Child Care postersCollection of posters and instructions on child care....British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Society for Endeavouring to Obtain the Abolition of the Legacy Duty on Bequests to Hospitals and other Charitable InstitutionsMinute book, letter book containing copies of letters sent to parliament and letters received, copies of petitions, lists of MPs whose constituencies ...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
State Children Aid AssociationExecutive Committee minute book of the State Children Aid Association....British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
WEBB, Beatrice, 1858-1943, and WEBB, Sidney, 1859-1947, social reformers and historiansPapers of Beatrice and Sidney Webb, 1835-[1985], comprising the following: Diaries of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943, including the original manuscript volu...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-07-19
Webb: Local GovernmentMaterials on local government collated by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, 1906-1930, mainly during research for their nine volume English Local Government f...British Library of Political and Economic Science2001-09-11
Post Office: Staff WelfareThis series contains records on all aspects of The Post Office's welfare policy and its implementation. It mainly consists of reports and reviews, min...British Postal Museum and Archive: The Royal Mail Archive2011-08-14
Children's case files The Children's Society maintained a case file for each child who was admitted to its care between 1882 and the 1970s. These were created and managed ...Children's Society2013-08-01
Records of Bradstock Lockett Special School, Southport, Lancashire Records created and used by Bradstock Lockett Special School, Southport, Lancashire. Includes the following: Annual reports, 1956; Minutes of the loc...Children's Society2014-04-24
Records of Corfield House Home, Rustington, Sussex Records created and used by Corfield House Home, Rustington, Sussex. Includes the following: Minutes of the local committee, 1965-1981; Gifts books, ...Children's Society2013-08-22
Records of residential care homes These records are those created by The Children's Society's children's homes and by the local management of the Homes (called variously Home, Local a...Children's Society2013-08-01

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