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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BRITISH INDIAN EXTENSION TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED Records of the British Indian Extension Telegraph Company Limited comprising minutes of board meetings, annual general meetings and liquidators; and ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-26
BUTTERWORTH AND COMPANY (INDIA) Records of Butterworth and Company (India) comprising agreements to publish books, with related correspondence. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-26
BAMBOO PAPER COMPANY Records of the Bamboo Paper Company Limited, comprising memorandum and articles of association, an agreement with the India Paper Pulp Company, and c...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-27
BRITISH INDIAN SUBMARINE TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED Minutes of board meetings of the British Indian Submarine Telegraph Company Limited. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-27
BUDLA BETA TEA COMPANY Records of the Budla Beta Tea Company comprising Board of Directors minutes; annual general meeting minutes, London trustees provident fund minutes a...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
BUTTERWORTH AND COMPANY (PUBLISHERS) LIMITED Papers of Butterworth and Company (Publishers) Limited, including papers of predecessors, subsidiaries and associated companies as follows: - Butterw...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
CAPARO GROUP LIMITED Records of various tea or rubber companies, all later purchased by the Caparo Group. There are no records of Caparo Group Limited itself. The archive...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
CENTRAL PROVINCES MANGANESE ORE COMPANY LIMITED The records listed below are of the London office of the Central Provinces Manganese Ore Company. They include: Ms. 15907-21: Foundation and constit...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
CHEST COMPONENTS LIMITED Records of Chest Components Limited, manufacturers of plywood chests, including articles of association; board minute book; papers relating to annual...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
COLOMBO GAS AND WATER COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Colombo Gas and Water Company Limited, comprising constitutional documents, minutes and correspondence, share records, accounts and ti...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29

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