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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
HONG KONG TIN LIMITED Records of Hong Kong Tin Limited, including articles of association, annual reports, and circulars. Access to records less than 30 years old (or rec...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
HOSCOTE RUBBER ESTATES LIMITED Records of Hoscote Rubber Estates Limited, including articles of association; minute books; annual reports; circulars to shareholders; and ledger. Al...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
INCHCAPE GROUP Records of the companies making up the Inchcape Group, including: - Adamson, Bell and Company: see Dodwell and Company; - Adamson (W. R.) and Compan...London Metropolitan Archives2016-02-09
ISLAY, KERR AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Islay, Kerr and Company Limited, comprising accounts, correspondence and photograph album showing office accommodation. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
JAVA AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED Minute book of the Java Agency Company Limited, shipping agents. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-06
JERUSALEM COFFEE HOUSE Records of the Jerusalem Coffee House, later the Jerusalem Shipping Exchange, including registers and lists of sailings and shippings, including some...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
KASINTOE RUBBER ESTATES LIMITED Records of Kasintoe Rubber Estates Limited, including articles of association, circulars to shareholders and annual reports. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
KELLAS LIMITED Records of Kellas Limited, comprising board and general meetings minute book. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
KERTASARIE TEA COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Kertasarie Tea Company Limited, including board minute book, circulars to shareholders, correspondence, and photograph album of tea an...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
KILLINGHALL (RUBBER) DEVELOPMENT SYNDICATE LIMITED Records of Killinghall (Rubber) Development Syndicate Limited, including articles of association; annual reports and circulars to shareholders. Acce...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06

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