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SAINT STEPHEN, POPLAR: EAST INDIA DOCK ROAD, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Saint Stephen, East India Dock Road, Poplar, including registers of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, banns and church ser...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-18
SAINT STEPHEN, SPITALFIELDS: COMMERCIAL STREET, TOWER HAMLETS Registers of baptisms, marriages and banns for the parish of Saint Stephen, Commercial Street, Spitalfields. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-10
SAINT STEPHEN, TREDEGAR ROAD: TREDEGAR ROAD, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Saint Stephen, Tredegar Road, Bow, including registers of baptisms, marriages and banns; and Centenary Festival brochure. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-10
SAINT THOMAS, BETHNAL GREEN: BARONESS ROAD, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Saint Thomas, Bethnal Green, including registers of baptisms and marriages, and minutes of meetings of the committee of St T...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-28
SAINT THOMAS, STEPNEY: ARBOUR SQUARE, TOWER HAMLETS Records of the parish of Saint Thomas, Arbour Square, Stepney, including registers of baptisms and marriages; registers of church services; records o...London Metropolitan Archives2010-07-10
SAMUEL, Raphael Elkan (1934-1996)Papers of historian Raphael Samuel, 1934-1996, notably including working papers on the heritage of East London; doctoral notes on the Victorian poor; ...Bishopsgate Institute2005-09-05
SANDELSON; Neville Devonshire (1923-2002): politicianThe collection of the politician Neville Sandelson, 1923-1996, includes a series of scrapbooks of press cuttings covering Sandelson's period as an MP,...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-04-17
SEAMEN'S MISSION CIRCUIT, QUEEN VICTORIA SEAMEN'S REST, POPLARMinute book of the local preachers' meetings of the Seamen's Mission Circuit, 1908-1933; Circuit schedules of the Seamen's Mission Circuit, 1906- 1956...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-29
SHADWELL WATERWORKS COMPANY: CORPORATE RECORDS Records of the Shadwell Waterworks Company, comprising financial material including rent books; cash books; receipt books; wage books; account books ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
SHARPE, PRICHARD AND COMPANY (SOLICITORS) Legal documents acquired by the solicitors in the course of their work; comprising a right hand indenture of a fine relating to land in the parish of...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29

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