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WEBB, Beatrice, 1858-1943: Board of Trade papersBoard of Trade papers mainly connected with labour exchanges, national insurance, overseas trade and war time administration....British Library of Political and Economic Science2007-06-27
WALLACE BROTHERS AND COMPANY (HOLDINGS) LIMITED: BOMBAY BURMAH TRADING CORPORATION LIMITEDRecords of Wallace Brothers concerning Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, including memorandum and articles of association; board minutes; ann...London Metropolitan Archives2014-01-06
WALLACE BROTHERS AND COMPANY (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Papers of Wallace Brothers and Company Limited, East India Merchants, bankers and London agents, later known as Wallace Brothers and Company (Holding...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
Van Ommeren (London) Limited Papers of Van Ommeren (London) Limited, comprising Charter Party guard books, 1940 to 1944, 1949 to 1952, 1955 to 1965; a commission book, 1965 to 19...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Union of England and Scotland, 1707Manuscript volume containing [transcripts of] papers relating to the union of England and Scotland, 1707, including the proceedings of the Commissione...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
Union of England and Scotland, 1604Manuscript volume containing a collection of documents relating to a proposal for a Union between England and Scotland, 1604, namely 'Articles agreed ...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
TRIBBLE, PEARSON AND COMPANY Records of East India and general merchants Tribble, Pearson and Company. The records comprise partnership and tenancy agreements 1914-1957, financia...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
Treatises on European tradeManuscript volume containing 18th century transcripts of two treatises relating to European trade, 1697 and 1699, namely a treatise on the trade and n...Senate House Library, University of London2002-02-20
Treatise on trade by Sir Patience WardCopy of a treatise by Sir Patience Ward entitled 'Scheme of the trade as it is at present carried on between England and France in the commodities of ...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
Treatise on the iron trade of Great BritainManuscript copy of Reflections on the importation of bar-iron, from our own colonies of North-America, printed in 1757, possibly by Joseph Sykes, in r...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19

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