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England: imports and exports (1696-1701)A volume giving information on the quantity and value of goods imported and exported to and from England, 1696-1701. The volume has the book plate of ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-25
Far East trade papersManuscript volume relating to trade in the Far East, 1691-1732, containing transcripts of letters, memoranda, exchange rates, lists of prices, and ins...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
French commerce legislationA printed volume containing decisions of the French Conseil d'Estat relating to commerce, 1700-1708, but including three manuscript items as follows:1...Senate House Library, University of London2004-11-02
French foreign policy memoirsManuscript volume, Aug 1710, containing memoirs of the latest peace negotiations held at Gertruidenberg, Brabant, between Mar and Jul that year [to at...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
Gee, JoshuaManuscript volume containing three memoranda by Joshua Gee on colonial trade, 1721-1728, namely a memorial relating to the trade and the plantations, ...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Glen, JamesManuscript volume containing answers from James Glen, Governor of South Carolina, to queries from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, g...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Gordon familyPapers of the Gordon family of Letterfourie, Banffshire, Scotland, relating to their merchant interests and financial matters, 1735-[1800], comprising...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Grey, Henry George (Earl Grey): letters3 letters from Henry George Grey (3rd Earl Grey) of Howick, [Northumberland] to J L Ricardo MP, 16 Jun-4 Jul 1855. Dealing mainly with a free trade ag...Senate House Library, University of London2009-07-10
Hill, JohnA volume entitled Customs of ye Stanarys & Journall of ye Convocators 1703. It relates chiefly to the stannary of Blackmore, but also other Cornish st...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Hobson, Lancelot: letter (1685)Letter from Lancelot Hobson of Athens, Greece to Mr John Wise, merchant, of London, 1685. '... tis some yeares since you have not been pleased to make...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-23

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