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CHIEF RABBI IMMANUEL JAKOBOVITS Records of Chief Rabbi Lord Immanuel Jakobovits, 1913-1992. The records of Lord Jakobovits are the single largest part of the archive, indicative of ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
CHIEF RABBI ISRAEL BRODIE Records from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Brodie, 1917-1967, including public messages, circular letters, prayers and appeals issued by the Chief Ra...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
CHIEF RABBI JONATHAN SACKS Records of Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, 1988-1999, including correspondence and publications predating Sacks' election as Chief Rabbi; correspondence;...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
CHIEF RABBI JOSEPH HERTZ Records of Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz, 1899-1946, including correspondence with various individuals and organisations including the Anglo-Jewish Associ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
CHIEF RABBI NATHAN ADLER WITH HERMANN ADLER Correspondence of Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler, 1868-1901. A small number of records survive from around 1868 for the Chief Rabbinate of Nathan Adler and...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
DALSTON SYNAGOGUE Records of Dalston Synagogue, consisting of minutes, cash book and registers of kethubot [marriage contracts] and chalitzah. PLEASE NOTE: Records ca...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
DUNSTABLE SYNAGOGUE Records of Dunstable Synagogue, consisting of an account book. PLEASE NOTE: Records can only be accessed with the written permission of the deposito...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
INITIATION SOCIETY (UNITED SYNAGOGUE) Records of the Initiation Society, consisting of an account book with register of circumcisions. PLEASE NOTE: Records can only be accessed with the ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
KENTON SYNAGOGUE Records of Kenton Synagogue, consisting of correspondence about the construction of the synagogue, 1938; and a kethuba register [marriage contracts]....London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09
NEW WEST END SYNAGOGUE Records of the New West End Synagogue consisting of minute books. PLEASE NOTE: Records can only be accessed with the written permission of the depos...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-09

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