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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BARTON FAMILY AND ESTATE Records of the Barton family relating to the manors of Ealing and Hampton Court, including property transactions, bankruptcy papers, family papers an...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-11
NEWINGTON BARROW MANOR, ISLINGTON Court roll for the Manor of Newington Barrow, Islington. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-10
ROTHERHITHE MANOR Records of the Manor of Rotherhithe, including court books for views of frankpledge, courts baron and courts leet; minute book; rentals; and statemen...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM MANOR, CLERKENWELL Records of the Manor of Saint John of Jerusalem, Clerkenwell, including court books for courts baron, courts leet and views of frankpledge, 1602-1926...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
STANMORE (GREAT) MANOR Court book for the Manor of Great Stanmore, comprising views of frankpledge and courts baron. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-28
TOOTING BEC MANOR Records of Tooting Bec Manor, including views of frankpledge; court baron proceedings; and volumes of extracts from the court rolls. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
TOOTING GRAVENEY MANOR Records of the Manor of Tooting Graveney, comprising court roll for courts baron with view of frankpledge. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20

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