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Andrewes, Sir Christopher Howard (1896-1989)Diaries and notebooks, including ornithological, entomological, variological [1910]-1927; research notebooks, common cold and influenza, 1930-1933; no...Wellcome Library2009-03-01
British Society of ImmunologyPapers of the British Society of Immunology since the 1950s, plus some papers of individuals connected with the Society. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-12
Collier, Professor Leslie Harold (b.1921)Papers of Professor Leslie Harold Collier including laboratory notebook re heat-stable smallpox vaccine, 1949, and 8 files of correspondence and paper...Wellcome Library2009-03-24
Craigie, James (1899-1978)Papers of James Craigie including reports, notes, and articles on cancer, typhus, typhoid and polio, spanning the years 1937-1957; also personal pape...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
Findlay, George William Marshall (1893-1952)'Memorandum on Yellow Fever in Africa' [1941]; notebooks on tropical medicine, including case histories of blackwater fever among military personnel i...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Fulton, Forrest (1913-1971) Papers of Forrest Fulton including records of work during Second World War on typhus and marasmus; teaching files for Diploma of Bacteriology and ot...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Interferon CollectionPersonal accounts on the development of interferon and cytokine research, mainly written in the 1990s and early 2000s, and related materials including...Wellcome Library2009-04-08
Medical Research Club Papers of the Medical Research Club, 1891-1974, comprising minute books, 1891-1974; proposal books, 1891-1924; attendance books, 1891-1984; and cent...Wellcome Library2009-04-18
Spahlinger, Henri (1882-1965): Tuberculosis Treatment Papers on a development by Henri Spahlinger of a controversial vaccine treatment for tuberculosis, 1909-1929, and press-cuttings relating to publi...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
Wellcome Witness SeminarsPapers relating to the Wellcome Witness Seminars, 1993-1997, including original audio tapes of the seminars (in most cases, master plus copy); photogr...Wellcome Library2009-03-04

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