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Female Education: (Autograph Letter Collection)The collection consists of a letters written on the question of women's education. Writers include John Hullah, Emily Davis, Millicent Garrett Fawcett...Women's Library2009-01-29
Scrapbook relating to women's suffrageScrapbook of press cuttings, from the 'Reading Standard' and 'Reading Mercury' as well as the national press. Indexed. ...Women's Library2009-02-01
Scrapbooks of Press Cuttings of the Women's Freedom LeagueThis scrapbook consists of press cuttings, mainly from the national press, relating to the women's suffrage campaigns, 1909-1910; press cuttings from ...Women's Library2009-02-01
Scrapbooks relating to women's work in the First World WarThis collection consists of press cuttings from national and regional newspapers documenting the work of women during the First World War. The cuttin...Women's Library2009-02-01
TRUMAN, JillThe archive consists of papers relating to Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp including articles by Jill Truman for the Bristol Campaign for Nuclear ...Women's Library2009-02-01
A-Z of Women's Employment: scrapbook of press cuttingsScrapbook of press cuttings, 1936-1938, concerning women's work in a wide variety of occupations and general employment issues such as equal pay and i...Women's Library2009-02-02
ARNOLD, RoxaneThe archive consists of papers relating to Roxane Arnold's work as Treasurer of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (UK section). The archiv...Women's Library2009-02-02
ASKANASY, Anna HeleneThe archive consists of a typescript 'The Catastrophe of Patriarchy', volume 1. Described as a 'critical study of the manner in which women under Mat...Women's Library2009-02-02
See Red' Women's WorkshopThe archive consists of papers relating to the activities and members of See Red Women's Workshop, 1974-1984. It includes correspondence; notebooks co...Women's Library2009-02-02
Women and Communism' by LeninThis small collection remains enigmatic. Somebody (c 1950) went to the trouble of typing out larger parts of Lenin's published work on Women and Commu...Women's Library2009-02-02

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