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KULLBERG, Victor (fl 1857) Business archives of Victor Kullberg, watch and chronometer maker, comprising: operational and financial records, 1857-1947 (Ms 14537-42, 14546-54), ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
LUPTON, C (fl 1850-1873) Marine chronometer rating book kept by C Lupton, watchmaker. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-13
MERRY AND COMPANY {SADDLEMAKERS} Records of Merry and Company, saddlemakers, 1883-1951, including letter books, ledgers, account books, wages books, order books containing clients' n...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-30
NATIONAL BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OF WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS Records of the National Benevolent Society of Watch and Clock Makers since 1916; and the archives of the three predecessor institutions, the Watch an...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
NATIONAL SOCIETY OF OPERATIVE PRINTERS AND ASSISTANTS Records of the National Society of Operative Printers and Assistants Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror day reel and machine staff chapel and federated h...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
NATIONAL UNION OF VEHICLE BUILDERS Minutes and papers of the London District Committee of the National Union of Vehicle Builders. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-12
PARKINSON AND FRODSHAM Records of Parkinson and Frodsham, clock and watch makers, comprising a watch manufacturing book 1872-1925; a register of clocks and watches supplied...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
PROVINCIAL JOINT INDUSTRIAL COUNCILRecords of the Middlesex County Council Provincial Joint Industrial Council, 1920-1962, including correspondence; bank book; agendas, reports and minu...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-16
SCOTT, G.W. {BASKETMAKERS} Records of G W Scott, basket makers, 1703-1930. The surviving records date from June 1703. They cover not only the infinite variety of baskets, cradl...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29
SEARLE AND COMPANY The records of Searle and Company Limited, jewellers and silversmiths, comprising customer ledgers recording sales to private clients 1896-1968. 24 ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07

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