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Subject index: Letters patent - Library users

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Letters patent [A]
MT 5.30 Information sources
BT1 Documents [U] Linked terms
BT2 Information sources [A] Linked terms
Leukaemia [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Liabilities (economic) [U] USE Debts
Libel [A]
MT 4.20 Social problems
BT1 Crime [U] Linked terms
Liberalism [U]
MT 6.15 Politics and government
BT1 Political doctrines [U] Linked terms
RT Civil and political rights [U] Linked terms
Liberal studies [U] USE Social science education
Librarianship [U] USE Library science
Library administration [U] USE Information/library administration
Library assistants [U] USE Library technicians
Library buildings [U]
MT 5.25 Documentary information systems
BT1 Information/library facilities [U] Linked terms
RT Archive repositories [U] Linked terms
Library catalogues [U]
MT 5.30 Information sources
BT1 Catalogues [U] Linked terms
BT2 Secondary documents [U] Linked terms
Library circulation [U]
MT 5.35 Documentary information processing
SN Lending to users the documents requested.
NT1 Periodical circulation [U] Linked terms
Library collections [U]
MT 3.10 Cultural policy and planning
MT 5.15 Information management
BT1 Collections [A] Linked terms
BT2 Cultural resources [U] Linked terms
BT1 Information/library administration [U] Linked terms
RT Acquisitions [U] Linked terms
RT Document preservation [U] Linked terms
Library development [U] USE Information/library development
Library economics [U] USE Information/library economics
Library facilities [U] USE Information/library facilities
Library financing [U] USE Information/library finance
Library loan services [U] USE Library circulation
Library management [U] USE Information/library management
Library personnel [U] USE Information/library personnel
Library planning [U] USE Information/library planning
Library policy [U] USE Information/library policy
Library profession [U] USE Information/library profession
Library public relations [U] USE Library use promotion
Library services [U] USE Libraries
Library standards [U] USE Information/library standards
Library training [U] USE Library education

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