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Subject index: Desert warfare - Dictionary making

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Desert warfare [A]
MT 6.45 Civil, military and mining engineering
BT1 Warfare [U] Linked terms
BT2 Military engineering [U] Linked terms
Design [U]
MT 2.05 Scientific approach
BT1 Research work [U] Linked terms
NT1 Systems design [U] Linked terms
Design (arts) [A]
MT 3.50 Visual arts
NT1 Costume design [A] Linked terms
Design education [A]
MT 1.45 Basic and general study subjects
BT1 Art education [U] Linked terms
BT2 Cultural education [U] Linked terms
Desktop publishing [U] USE Electronic publishing
Detention centres [P] USE Prisons
Detergents [H]
MT 6.55 Materials and products
BT1 Chemicals [U] Linked terms
NT1 Soaps [K] Linked terms
Developers [A]
MT 8.15 People and roles
BT1 People by roles [K] Linked terms
BT2 People [A] Linked terms
NT1 Real estate developers [A] Linked terms
Developmental biology [U] USE Physiological development
Development assistance [U] USE Development aid
Development works [A]
MT 4.45 Human settlements and land use
BT1 Interventions [K] Linked terms
NT1 Restoration works [A] Linked terms
Diabetes [A]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Diabetes mellitus [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Diagrams [A]
MT 5.30 Information sources
BT1 Visual materials [U] Linked terms
Dialectics [U] USE Logic
Diamonds [A]
MT 2.35 Earth sciences
BT1 Gems [U] Linked terms
BT2 Minerals [UH] Linked terms
BT3 Mineralogy [UA] Linked terms
Diaries [A]
MT 3.40 Literature
MT 5.30 Information sources
SN Records, written daily or at frequent intervals, of the experiences, observations, attitues, etc of their authors
BT1 Nonfiction [B] Linked terms
BT2 Prose [U] Linked terms
BT3 Literary forms and genres [U] Linked terms
BT4 Literature [U] Linked terms
BT1 Primary documents [U] Linked terms
BT2 Documents [U] Linked terms
BT3 Information sources [A] Linked terms
NT1 War diaries [P] Linked terms
Diaspora studies [A]
MT 1.45 Basic and general study subjects
BT1 Social science education [U] Linked terms
Dictionary making [U] USE Lexicography

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