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Subject index: Folk literature - Football grounds

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Folk medicine [U] USE Traditional medicine
Folk music [U] USE Traditional music
Folk songs [K]
MT 3.55 Performing arts
BT1 Vocal music [U] Linked terms
BT2 Music [U] Linked terms
BT3 Performing arts [U] Linked terms
Food aid [U]
MT 6.30 Economic and social development
BT1 Development aid [U] Linked terms
RT Humanitarian assistance [U] Linked terms
Food and beverages [H]
MT 6.55 Materials and products
Food and drink legislation [A]
MT 6.05 Legal systems
BT1 Legislation [U] Linked terms
BT2 Law [U] Linked terms
Food chains [U] USE Ecosystems
Food engineering [U] USE Food technology
Food inspection [U] USE Food control
Food labelling [A]
MT 6.50 Manufacturing and transport engineering
BT1 Food packaging [A] Linked terms
BT2 Packaging [U] Linked terms
Food packaging [A]
MT 6.50 Manufacturing and transport engineering
BT1 Packaging [U] Linked terms
NT1 Food labelling [A] Linked terms
Food preparation [U]
MT 1.45 Basic and general study subjects
BT1 Home economics education [U] Linked terms
RT Food customs [U] Linked terms
Food prices [A]
MT 2.65 Natural resources
BT1 Food supply [U] Linked terms
BT2 Food resources [U] Linked terms
BT3 Natural resources [U] Linked terms
Food products [U] USE Food
Food quality control [U] USE Food control
Food rationing [A]
MT 2.80 Medical sciences
BT1 Rationing [P] Linked terms
BT2 Food control [U] Linked terms
BT3 Health policy [U] Linked terms
BT4 Health [U] Linked terms
Food relief [A]
MT 2.60 Pollution, disasters and safety
BT1 Disaster relief [U] Linked terms
Food safety [K]
MT 2.80 Medical sciences
BT1 Food control [U] Linked terms
BT2 Health policy [U] Linked terms
BT3 Health [U] Linked terms
Football [U] USE Sport

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