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Committee for the Construction of an Orthodox Russian Church in Brussels as a Memorial to the Martyr Czar Nicholas II Collection

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Mozart in Prague Collection

Murray Collection

Musin-Pushkin Collection

Naçi Collection

National Book League Collection

Norway and Russia Collection

Osobyi Komitet po delam Russikh emigrantov v Latvii [Special Committee for the problems of Russian émigrés in Latvia] Collection

Otryvki i doksografiiaa drevneishikh grecheskikh filisofov [extracts from documents from ancient Greek philosophers] Collection

Pahl and Thompson Collection

Palavestra Collection

Pannwitz Collection

Papmehl Collection

Pares (Sir Bernard) Collection

Parfitt Collection

Partiia Narodnoi Svobody [Party of National Freedom] Collection

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Pesti Collection

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Podkomissiia Po Pol'skomu Voprosu [Sub-Committee for the Polish Question] Collection

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Russkoe Studencheskoe Khristianskoe Dvizhenie za Rubezhom [Russian Student Christian Movement outside Russia] Collection

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Russo-Turkish Wars glass plates Collection

School of Slavonic and East European Studies Collection

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Soviet Union photographs and postcards Collection

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Standing Conference of National and University Libraries (Slavonic and East European Group and Advisory Committee on Slavonic and East European Materials) Collection

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Vidy Moskvy i Eya Okrestnostei [Views of Moscow and its surroundings] Collection

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Vserosiiskii Zemskii Soyuz [All-Russian Land Union] Collection

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Western borderlands of the USSR Collection

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Yeltsin Presidential Campaign Collection

Yugoslavian Press Cuttings Collection

Zisserman Collection

Zjednoczenie Polskie and Polska Macierz Szkolna Collection