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Collection holdings for Society of Apothecaries (4 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Clerks' letter booksSociety of Apothecaries of London: Clerks' letter books, 1876-1953, comprise volumes of outgoing correspondence, originating from the Clerks, James Ri...Society of Apothecaries2009-03-24
Galen MedalSociety of Apothecaries of London: Galen Medal collection, 1925 to date, comprises papers relating to the Galen Medal awarded by the Society of Apothe...Society of Apothecaries2009-03-24
Prizemen: Botany, and Materia Medica and Pharmaceutical ChemistrySociety of Apothecaries of London: Prizemen in Botany and in Materia Medica and Pharmaceutical Chemistry collection, 1830-1894, comprises records rela...Society of Apothecaries2009-03-24
Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of LondonPapers of The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, 1617 to present day, chart the history of its development and its changing roles and activ...Society of Apothecaries2009-03-24

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