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Collection holdings for City University (20 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Student and student societies papersPapers of City University and predecessors relating to students and student societies, including prizes and certificates Lists, 1899-1925, 1930-1964; ...City University2001-05-31
Staff and staff association papersPapers of City University and predecessors relating to staff and staff associations, including papers regarding appointment of Dr Robert Mullineux Wal...City University2001-05-31
Sir Thomas Smythe's Charity: residue of the poor fundMinutes of the meetings of the trustees of Sir Thomas Smythe's Charity, held at the Skinners' Hall, 1903-1923....City University2001-05-31
ROSCOE, A DLaboratory reports of A D Roscoe, 1945-1951, with portfolio of drawings, relating to his work conducted in the Department of Electrical Engineering, N...City University2001-05-31
National College of Horology and Instrument TechnologyPapers of the National College of Horology and Instrument Technology, 1946-1960, comprising Declaration of Trust, 1947, and Ministry of Education appo...City University2001-03-07
Library papersPapers relating to the library of Northampton Polytechnic, Northampton College of Advanced Technology (CAT) and the City University, 1948-1998, includ...City University2001-05-31
Gresham College and LecturesBooks relating to the foundation of Gresham College, the history of Gresham School, the lives of the professors of Gresham College, the Gresham lectur...City University2001-05-31
Governing Body and CouncilRecords of the Governing Body of City University and predecessors, 1891-1999, including signed minutes, 1892-1999; Committee minutes books, 1892-1933;...City University2001-05-31
FinanceFinancial records of City University and predecessors, 1893-1986, comprising Ledgers, 1893-1960; Cash books, 1924-1963; Invoice books, 1938-1959; Sala...City University2001-05-31
External bodiesPapers of external bodies associated with the City University, including City Parochial Foundation publications, 1887-1937; Inspectors' reports, 1907-...City University2001-05-31

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