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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ALLBUTT, Sir Thomas Clifford (1836-1925)Typescript of Sir Thomas Allbutt's book Arteriosclerosis: a summary view, with numerous alterations and additions in the author's hand....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
ALSTON, James Maxwell (b 1900)Unpublished paper entitled 'John Hawkins MD (?1721-1799) and his medical and clerical descendants'....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
CORFFILDE, Alice (fl 1649)Book of medical recipes, entitled at front 'A Booke of Physicall Rec[eipts] Worth the Observing and Keeping: for Mrs Alice Corffilde', and at back 'Fa...Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
DODDS, Sir Edward Charles (1899-1973)Papers of Sir Edward Dodds, relating in part to his professional life and in part to his historical and other outside interests. They include notes an...Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
FENWICK, Samuel (1821-1902)1 notebook containing a revision of Fenwick's book Student's guide to medical diagnosis....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
HALL, James (fl 1811)One bound notebook of lecture notes....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
HAMILTON, William (1758-1807)This collection comprises one notebook containing the first of a series of lectures given at the London Hospital Medical School....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
ROSSDALE, George (fl 1926-1970)Chronological notes on the medical history of Sir Anthony Eden, Prime Minister....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
WILLCOX, Sir William Henry (1870-1941)Papers of Sir William Henry Willcox, relating to a variety of topics: murder trials, criminal abortion, the use of insulin and the production of table...Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
ALLCHIN, Sir William Henry (1846-1912)Allchin's papers for his biography of Sir Andrew Clark (1826-1893), including draft typescript with annotations, n.d., mid-late 19th century, and mate...Royal College of Physicians2003-03-20

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