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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
HENDON AND FINCHLEY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Minute books of Hendon Teachers' Association; and minutes and financial accounts of Finchley Teachers' Association. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-12
HENDON BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of the Hendon Poor Law Union, 1717-1949, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians; papers relating to poor relief including die...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-15
HENDON DISTRICT HOSPITALAnnual reports of Hendon District Hospital, 1937-1948. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-30
HENDON GROUP HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEERecords of Hendon Group Hospital Management Committee, including Management Committee and Standing Committee signed minutes, 1948-1974; Management Com...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-30
HENDON MANOR Court books for the Manor of Hendon, with indexes and schedule of court rolls. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-27
HENDON MANOR Papers relating to the Manor of Hendon, comprising extracts from court rolls and a rent roll. Also an extract from a court roll for the Manor of Ruis...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-06
HENDON MANOR Plan of the manor and parish of Hendon, 1783. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-05
HENDON MANOR Records relating to property ownership, including extracts from court rolls for the manors of Hendon, Sutton Court and Harlington, leases, conveyance...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-05
HENDON METROPOLITAN BOROUGHRecords of Hendon Metropolitan Borough, 1881-1947, comprising Sanitary Inspector's journals; complaint books and Medical Officer's report books. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-12
HENDON, MIDDLESEX (MANOR) Rental for the manor of Hendon, Middlesex. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05

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