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Hyde, J M: letter (1873)Letter from J M Hyde of 4 Westcome Park, Blackheath, Kent to J Briggs, 22 Mar 1873. Thanking him for a letter which 'gives me a notion of the v[er]y e...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-30
Huskisson, William: letter (1825)Letter from William Huskisson of Eastham, [Worcestershire] to [? Charles] Grant [? afterwards Baron Glenelg], 9 Dec 1825. Referring to 'our commerical...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-30
HURT, William (MERCHANT AND OFFICIAL OF EAST INDIA COMPANY) Letters to William Hurt from Thomas Rogers, writing from Surrat (Surat), Mesulapatam (Masulipatam) and Gulcondah (Golconda, now Hyderabad). ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
Hume, James DeaconLetters, drafts and notes, 1830-1831, on agriculture, trade with the colonies, bullionism and other matters regarding politics and trade often in conn...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
Hudson Bay CompanyManuscript volume containing extracts [made in 1801] from the records of the Hudson's Bay Company dated between 1684 and 1719, relating to efforts to ...Senate House Library, University of London2002-03-19
HOUNSLOW MARKET Letters Patent from King James II to John Shales, permitting a market to be held in Hounslow, near Hounslow Heath, for buying and selling all kinds o...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
Holroyd, John Baker (1735-1821)Papers of John Baker Holroyd, 1789-1830. ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-23
Holroyd, John BakerLetter, May 1 1802 addressed to the Rt Hon William Wickham, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whitehall. 'Lord Sheffield has caused the tracts sent herewit...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-30
Hobson, Lancelot: letter (1685)Letter from Lancelot Hobson of Athens, Greece to Mr John Wise, merchant, of London, 1685. '... tis some yeares since you have not been pleased to make...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-23
Hill, JohnA volume entitled Customs of ye Stanarys & Journall of ye Convocators 1703. It relates chiefly to the stannary of Blackmore, but also other Cornish st...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11

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