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Abernethy, John (1764-1831)Papers of John Abernethy, early 19th century, comprising one and a half volumes of manuscript notes by R Collett, House Surgeon at St Bartholomew's Ho...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-29
Abernethy, John: Autograph letter to Mr MortimerPapers of John Abernethy, 1823, comprising an autograph letter from John Abernethy of Bedford Row, to Mr Mortimer of Mr W H Partridge's, 13 New Hall S...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Albinus, Bernhard Seigfried (1697-1770)Papers of Berhard Siegfried Albinus, 1721-[c1846], comprising an undated manuscript, probably containing a student's lecture notes, titled Collegium P...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15
Allen, Benjamin (1663-1738) Papers of Benjamin Allen, 1710-1723, comprising two manuscript volumes with their original vellum bindings, titled Praxis Medica. Medical observatio...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15
Allison, William (d 1832) and Allison, William Jeremiah (early-mid 19th century)Papers of William Allison and William Jeremiah Allison, 1776-1812, comprising a volume titled Hunters Lectures Volume 1, containing manuscript notes b...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-02-01
Anatomical and Pathological SketchesUndated notes and pencil sketches of anatomical and pathological subjects, including bones and muscles; the face; the spine; the eye; and the heart. S...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-11
Arlidge, John Thomas (1822-1899)Papers of John Thomas Arlidge, 1847-1849, comprising notes on dissections, anatomical and related topics, compiled while he was a student of anatomy a...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-15
Armitage Dispensing ChemistArmitage Dispensing Chemist prescription registers 1899-1943, a total of 30 items, 1-27: registers, 1899-1940; 28-30: Records of Prescriptions Dispens...Wellcome Library2009-03-01
Ashton, Norman (1913-2000)Papers of Norman Ashton, 1924-1998, including correspondence relating to Ashton's research activities, his acceptance of numerous honours and awards, ...Wellcome Library2009-03-03
Association for the Advancement of Medicine by ResearchMinute books of the Council and Executive Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Medicine by Research, with inserted loose papers, from i...Wellcome Library2009-03-01

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