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Loebl, Paul: Account regarding wartime experiencesAccount of Paul Loebl's experiences during the Nazi era. It is described as 'a translation of a report to the Director of the VAD'. The original is th...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Lord Fisher of Camden: documents (1936-1941)Papers of Lord Fisher of Camden, 1936-1941, comprise a Gestapo file of correspondence and reports relating to the political reliability of Heinrich Ni...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Lowens, Fred: Copy of school report (1938) Copy of a school report, 1938, stating that the pupil (unnamed) being non-aryan will not be allowed to continue to pursue his studies. ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Lustig, Louis (b 1874): Account of conditions in SachsenhausenPersonal account by Louis Lustig of his arrest for treason in March 1938 and his subsequent imprisonment in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
L÷wenstein, Otto: prison letters (1937-1938)Letters from Otto L÷wenstein from prison in Hamburg to his wife, Katia, and child, 28 Mar 1937-13 Mar 1938. The letters are written on prison letter f...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Maas, Hermann: correspondenceCopies of correspondence, 26 Apr 1946-21 Nov 1988, mostly from Hermann Maas, a German protestant minister, to Paul and Martha Rosenzweig, two siblings...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Manes, Philipp (1875-1944): Personal papersPapers of Phillipp Manes comprising the 'Theresienstadt Chronicles', a diary of life in Theresienstadt concentration camp by Manes, 1942-1944; war dia...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Mayor of Nuremberg: Notice to council officers (1934)Typescript notice, 1934, from the mayor of Nuremberg instructing council officials to ensure that they always use 'correct' German, (free from foreign...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Mendelsohn, Franz: Family correspondence (1915-1936)Papers of Franz Mendelsohn, 1915-1936, primarily comprising copies of correspondence of a German Jew in London (Mendelsohn), with his wife and friends...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Menzner, Emmerich, SS Oberreiter: Letter from Poland (1942)Letter from SS Oberreiter Emmerich Menzner to his friends back home, describing life in the regiment and in particular making reference to an apparent...Wiener Library2008-08-26

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