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Cinchona-Institute, AmsterdamPapers of Cinchona-Institute, 1896-1957, comprise publications and reprinted extracts largely from medical journals concerning quinine and the treatme...London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine2008-03-17
CITY OF LONDON LIVERY Poll of the livery of the City of London for a member of Parliament, listing the voters' names, livery company, address and vote, 1781. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27
City of Westminster CollegeContains the records of the City of Westminster College, comprising: CWC/1, Minutes of the Governing Body, Heads of Departments and the Staff Associa...London South Bank University2013-02-08
CLARKE, John: book of African dialectsManuscript notebook containing a vocabulary list of a number of African languages, chiefly Hausa, written by John Clarke in Fernando Po, 1841. ...Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland2008-06-16
CLARKE, John: dictionary of the Fernandian tongueManuscript copy of a dictionary of the Fernandian tongue in two volumes, 12 May 1854, collected by John Clarke from the people of the island of Fernan...Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland2008-06-27
CLERK'S DEPARTMENT: CEREMONIAL OFFICERPapers of the London County Council Clerk's Department Ceremonial Officer including bound volumes containing the principal documents for each ceremoni...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-14
CLERK'S DEPARTMENT: COUNCIL CLERKRecords of the London County Council Clerk's Department relating to the Council Clerk including papers relating to London County Council elections, 18...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-15
CLERK'S DEPARTMENT: EMERGENCY COMMITTEERecords of the London County Council Clerk's Department relating to the Emergency Committee, comprising papers relating to the 1926 General Strike inc...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-15
Clift, William: Scrappiana or Extracts VariousPapers of William Clift, 1802-1817, comprising a volume titled Scrappiana or Extracts various, containing notes, poetry, thoughts and maxims, and extr...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
COATS PLC PENSION PLAN This collection contains Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklets; 'Rules of the West Somerset and Devon Manufacturing Company Superannuation Fund and Lif...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-14

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