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DERING, Heneage (1665-1750)Dering's autobiographical memoranda, covering the years 1550-1739, 1739; copy of his will, 1745; and letter regarding the transfer of the manuscript t...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-09
HACKETT, Cecil John (1905-1995)Hackett's papers, 1930-78, include his notes of lectures, attended for the College's membership examinations, 1930-31; List of his published and unpub...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-09
CLARK, Sir James (1788-1870)Two journals of Sir James Clark, 1847-68, including notes on Clark's travel with the Royal family to Scotland and Ireland....Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
COCKAYNE, Edward Alfred (1880-1956)Cockayne's professional and personal papers, 1907-46, consist of his casebook, 1913-34, with patient-lists, notes and loose correspondence regarding p...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
HARVEY, William (1578-1657)Harvey's papers, 1602-40, consist of offical and legal documents, include his diploma of DM from the University of Padua, 1602; Lease to Harvey of lan...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
LEE, Robert (1793-1877)Original watercolour drawings, 1828-1844, of specimens illustrating Lee's work on the nerves of the heart and uterus, mostly by Joseph Perry. Some ill...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
SNOW, John (1813-1858)Snow's casebooks, 1848-1858, three volumes written in the style of a diary, recording Snow's chloroform administration in his well-established anaesth...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
TREVES, Sir Frederick (1853-1923)Images of Treves' world tour, 1903-1904, mainly of India, Burma, Ceylon, China, Japan, and Honolulu. Black and white reproductions taken from slides, ...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
BATTY, Bryan (fl 1815-1871)Batty's medical notebook, c.1846-1854...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-11
BROADBENT, Sir William Henry (1835-1907)Papers and material of and relating to Sir William Henry Broadbent, 1886-1907. Includes notes and correspondence relating to the illnesses of Prince G...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03

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