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BROOKE, Helen C. (fl.1919-1947)Brooke's scrapbook and letters relating to her work as a Health Visitor, 1919- c.1952. Scrapbook includes photographs, notes and annual reports of the...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
BROWNE, Sir William (1692-1774)Sir William Browne's papers relating to his personal and professional life, particularly his role within the Royal College of Physicians, 1708-[1774]....Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
BRUCE, John Mitchell (1846-1929)John Mitchell Bruce's letters and notes relating to the fatal illness of the first Earl of Beaconsfield (Benjamin Disraeli) (1804-1881), 1881...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
CONYBEARE, Sir John Josias (1888-1967)Papers and war medals of Sir John Josias Conybeare, 1915-1972. Includes his First World War diary, 1915; Military medals and orders awarded to him dur...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
ENGLAND, Samuel (18th century)Two notebooks with clinical details and descriptions of numerous cases, 1730-33...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
GARROD, Sir Archibald Edward (1857-1936)Garrod's notes on Salicylate of Soda, c.1877 (photocopy)....Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
GEE, Samuel Jones (1839-1911)Gee's papers, 1860-1904, including eight medical notebooks with an index, 1860-90; Lists of clinical clerks at St Bartholomew's Hospital in two notebo...Royal College of Physicians2003-04-03
BAGSHAWE, Sir Arthur William Garrard (1871-1950)Bagshawe's correspondence, in his role as Director of the Sleeping Sickness Bureau, 1908-9, with Professor Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915), in English and Ge...Royal College of Physicians2003-03-28
BAILLIE, William Hunter (1797-1894)William Hunter Baillie's transcript of the autobiographic memoranda of his father, Matthew Baillie (1761-1823), 1854, copied from the original, with a...Royal College of Physicians2003-03-28
BATE, George (1608-1669)Bate's medical casebook, 1654-1660. Containing record of prescriptions given to his patients, also includes notes and sketches....Royal College of Physicians2003-03-28

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