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BARRY, John O'Brien Milner (1815-1881)Papers of John O'Brien Milner Barry, 1837-1882, including a manuscript copy of his thesis on Endocarditis, 1837; letters from patients, 1853-58; photo...Royal College of Physicians2004-02-27
MURCHISON, Charles (1830-1879)Papers of Charles Murchison, 1863-1874, consisting of a book of newspaper cuttings, correspondence, and testimonials to Murchison regarding the typhoi...Royal College of Physicians2003-12-08
O'REILLY, John Noel (1904-1989)Papers of John Noel O'Reilly, [1936]-c.1965, including his DM thesis on pulmonary tuberculosis in childhood, [1936], and lecture notes on cases of hig...Royal College of Physicians2003-12-08
PAGET, Sir James (1814-1899)Sir James Paget's index to references for medical biographies, intended for the Biographical Dictionary of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Kno...Royal College of Physicians2003-12-08
FERGUSON, Robert (1799-1865)Papers of Robert Ferguson, 1821-1864, include his notes on gynaecology and obstetrics, particularly referring to cases, with some diagrams, sketches a...Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
FERRIER, Sir David (1843-1928)Papers of Sir David Ferrier, 1873-1913, include his notebooks of experiments, particularly in relation to the cerebral cortex, with sketches and photo...Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
GREGORY, George (1790-1853)Medical notebook of George Gregory, 1813-1833, containing cases, observations and notes on medicine and surgery....Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
GREGORY, James (1753-1821)James Gregory's clinical case note book, 1785, containing notes on male patients, followed by notes on female patients....Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
HUTCHINSON, Sir Jonathan (1828-1913)Papers of Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, 1889-1906, consisting of his author's copy of Archives of Surgery (1889-1900), printed with annotations in his hand...Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
LAWRENCE, Thomas (1711-1783)Papers of Thomas Lawrence, c.1750-1766, consisting of his comment on lectures in the physician Frank Nicholls's Compendium Anatomicum, c.1750; Lawrenc...Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28

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