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Astronomical and Astrological Treatises

Astronomical and Religious Treatises

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Bartholomew of Pisa Manuscript

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Bentham (Samuel) Memoirs

Best Arithmetic Book

Bible (Latin, New Testament)

Bible (Latin)

Biblical and Classical Notebook

Biometrika Trust

Bithell Letterbook

Black (Arthur) Notebooks

Blackburn Law Library Catalogue

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Boece's Chronicles (Bellenden Translation)

Boece's Chronicles (Lindsay Continuation)

Bolanos Mining Company Records

Bonney Letters

Book of Hours

Booth Correspondence

Borenius Lecture Notes

Boulainviller's 'Summary of the Universal History'

Breviary and Missal

Breviary for the use of Friars Minor

British Maritime Law Association Archives



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Caley Journal

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Chadwick Papers

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Chalmers Lectures, notes

Chambers Papers

Charter giving command of a company in the Netherlands

Charter: treaty of barter, 1361

CILIP Archives

Clarke Papers

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Clifford Papers

Clinton Notebooks

Collected Texts (Bavarian, 1471)

Collected Texts (Swiss German, late 15th century)

Colombia Land Records

Colonne Translation (German)

Comedy of the Crocodile

Comfort Papers

Common Subjects List

Confession Book

Cook Navigation Manuscript

Corroy Account Books

Crook Papers

Darbishire Notebooks

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Davis (Eliza) Notebooks

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Dawes Hicks Papers

De Beer Papers

Decrees and Letters from the Order of St Francis

De La Mare Papers

De Morgan Correspondence

De Morgan Family Papers

De Morgan Lecture Notes (MS ADD 2)

De Morgan Lecture Notes (MS ADD 3)

De Morgan Lectures, notes

De Morgan Letters

De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 69)

De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 163)

De Morgan Tracts

De Morgan Volume

Department of Trade Tariff Records

De Sacro Bosco's 'De Sphera' and other tracts

Dialectical and other Treatises and Calendars

D M S Watson Papers (MS ADD 112)

Donald Papers

Donaldson and Jenkins Sketches and Surveys

Donaldson Lectures, notes

Donnan Papers

Drummond Certificates

Drummond Medals

Dudley Wood Papers

Edda [1760s]

Edda (1826)

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Emerson's 'Elements of Geometry'

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Exempla: Tales of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the Saints

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Four Last Things and Other Texts

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Genealogical Table of the Kings of England

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German Religious Poetry Anthology

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Heyne's 'Archaeology'

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History of Ancient Armour

H K Lewis & Co Ltd Archives

Hodgson Narrative

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Housman Letters (MS ADD 126)

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London University Examiner

Institute of Jewish Affairs

International Ocean Telegraph Company Contract

Irish Civil List Payments

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Jews' Charter (Italian)

J Henry Schroder Wagg & Company Records

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Joyce Collection

Juvenal's Satires

Kabdebo Papers

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Keen (Alan) Collection

Keen (Sir Bernard Augustus) Papers

Ker Papers

Keyes Poem

Key Papers

Kingdon Papers

Kirwan Catalogue

Kotter Mystical Manuscript

La Curne de Sainte-Palaye Manuscripts

Lamouroux Papers

Lamy Papers

Lankester Lectures, notes

Lankester Manuscript

La Plata Cold Storage Company Ltd Plan

Lebaudy Papers

Lectionary for Holy Days and Feasts

Legal Lexicon (German)

Legends of the Saints (German)

Leopold I Grant

Lester Collection

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Lewis (Bunnell) Papers

Lewis (Thomas Hayter) Notebooks

Lighthill Papers

Lilly Papers

Lindley Lectures, notes

Lindsay Papers

Loch Papers

Lodge Papers

London Mathematical Society Archive

London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews Papers (now Church's Ministry Among Jewish People)

Lonsdale Papers

L S Penrose Papers

Lumley Lectures, notes

Macgregor-Morris Notebooks

Malogranatum Manuscript

Manuscript Fragments

Marischal College Catalogue

Marron Papers

Marshall Papers

Marshman Papers


Mathematical and Astronomical Treatises (Latin, 15th century)

Mathematical Treatise (German, late 15th century)

Mazzini Letters

McCarthy Papers

Medical Dictionary and Other Treatises (1425)

Medical Lecture Notes


Medical Treatises (14th century)

Meen Manuscript

Meister Manuscript

Memorial of God's Wonders

Meteorological Treatise attributed to Aristotle

Metropolitan Red Lion Club Notebook

Mexico Tramways Company Volume

Miers Papers

Milledonne Manuscript

Missal for the use of Friars Minor

Mohammed Ibn Al-Hussain Treatise

Montague Papers

Montefiore Family Papers

Montevideo Gas Company and John Ohren Records

Montfort Family Charters

Morley Letters

Morris (James Ambrose and Caroline) Correspondence

Morris (James Ambrose) Poems

Morris (John) Papers

Murison Papers

Murray Correspondence

Murray Illuminated Address

Murray Lecture Notes

Mystical Treatises (German, 1488)

Napier Papers

Newman Papers

Nieder's '24 Golden Harps'

Offor Volume

Olden Papers

Order of Day and Way of Life Manuscript

Pafford Papers

Paget Papers

Palmistry Treatise

Parliamentary Texts

Passion of Christ Manuscript

Peake Letters

Pearson (Egon) Papers

Pearson (Karl) Papers

Peckham Manuscript

Perron Manuscripts

Perry Papers


Petrie Letters

Place Correspondence

Platt Papers

Plowman Papers

Plumbers' Company Charter

Poggio Manuscript

Polidori Letter

Pollard Notebooks

Powell Lecture Notes

Prayer Book (Dutch, c1521)

Prayer Book (German, 15th or 16th century)

Prayer Book (German, 1534-1539)

Prayer Book (German, 1592)

Prayer Book (German and Latin, 1466)

Prayer Book (German, early 15th century)

Prichard Lecture

Quirk Papers

Rabanus Maurus Commentaries

Ramsay Letters

Ramsay Papers

Real Del Monte Mining Company Certificates

Rees Papers

Religious Treatise (German, 15th century)

Reynolds Correspondence

Ricardo Letterbook

River and Mercantile Trust Records

Robertson Papers

Robinson (Henry Crabb) Autograph Album

Rogers Lecture Notes

Ronalds Papers

Rosario and Cordova Waterworks Company Records

Ross Papers

Rotton Papers

Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd Archives


Rule of St Benedict

Ruskin Letters

Russell (Lord Odo) Collection

Saint Bonaventure's Life of St Francis (Italian)

Saint Bonaventure's Life of St Francis (Latin)

Saint Leopold Manuscript


Sarmiento Papers

Schiller-Szinessy Papers

Sermons and Other Liturgical Texts (German and Latin, 12th century)

Sermons for Saints' Days and Other Texts (Latin, 13th century)

Sermons (Latin, 13th century)

Sermons of St Bernard and Others (German, 15th century)

Service book (Jewish): Benedictions (undated)

Service book (Jewish): Benedictions [1811]

Service book (Jewish): Haggadah

Service book (Jewish): Mahzor

Service book (Jewish): Omer

Service book (Jewish): Piyyutim

Service book (Jewish): Rosh ha-shanah

Service book (Jewish): Siddur

Service book (Jewish): Yom Kippur

Service book (Samaritan)

Shakespeare Association Records


Sharpey Papers

Shields in Clothworkers' Hall

Sinclair's Statistical Account of Scotland

Slade History

Smith (Albert Hugh) Slide Collection

Smith (James) Letters

Smith (Patrick) Papers

Smith (Sidney) Papers

Smith Woodward Papers

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Papers

Sonora Land Company Certificates

Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor Records

St Christopher's Working Boys' Club Records

Stokes Papers

Stopes (Charlotte) Papers

Stopes (Marie) Papers

Strachey Papers

Strang Papers

Suchen Manuscript

Sully Papers

Sylvester Letters

Symons (Robert E) Papers

Tewkesbury Vicars' Papers

Thane (Sir George) Medical Biographies

Thane (Sir George) Papers

Thane (Vendla) Papers

Thoroddsen Manuscript

Thorvaldsen Drawings

Tierney Papers

Tlahualilo Agricultural Company Minutes

Tourneur Law Reports

Trades Advisory Council

Tragedy of St Louis

Travers Papers

Troward Manuscript

Tundal Manuscript



Venice, St George of Alga Canons: Institutes

Walker Papers

Walshe Papers

Ward Family Papers

Watson Papers (MS ADD 386)

Webster Lectures, notes

Wellington Memorial Fund Correspondence

Western Telegraph Company Records

West Lecture Notes

Weymouth Letterbook

Wheeler Archive

Wheeler Lecture Notes

Wilkinson (John) Lecture Notes

Wilkinson (Vera Beaumont) Student Papers

Williams / Gaitskell Papers

William Townsend Papers

Wolf (Abraham) Papers

Wolf (Lucien) Collection

Wollheim Papers

Woodger Papers

Yates Papers (MS ADD 71)

Yates Papers (MS ADD 74)

Yates Papers (MS ADD 244)

Young (John Zachary) Papers

Young (Thomas) Notebooks