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1874 election for Buckinghamshire county constituency

Abel, Niels Henrik

Account book, butcher's, Market Harborough

Account book, Chippenham, 1792-1799

Account book, domestic

Account book, farm labourers

Account book, farm work

Account book, Lancashire farm

Account book, leather tanning

Account book, Norfolk farm

Account book of debtors

Account book, Sussex farm

Account book, Warwickshire farm

Account book, wine

Account of an illegal coinage trial

Account of public debts

Account of royal revenue

Account of the burial of Sir John Drummond

Accounts and rentals for estates in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Accounts for the Généralité of Caen

Accounts of butlerage and prisage

Accounts of the Royal household

A collection of legal items

A discourse of the estate of Spaine Anno 1607 written by Sir Charles Cornwallis knight.

Admission to copyhold land of an unidentified manor

Agreeable United Fair Friendly Society

Agricultural returns

Aire and Calder Navigation

Airy, Professor Sir George Biddell

Akers family business papers

Album, 1899-1915

Alexander, J F: letter

Alford, Margaret

Allchin, Sir William Henry Allchin

Alvarez de Toledo, Manuel

Alvey Programme

American theatre and opera scrapbooks

A Mirrour of Virtues and vices in 2 decads by way of description and Characters

An Act for the Reform and Regulation of Female Apparel

Ancient Order of Foresters certificate

Anderson, New and Co

Anglican Chaplaincy to the Universities and Polytechnics in London

Anglo-Dutch exchange rates

Anglo-Dutch foreign policy, 1778

Annan, Noel Gilroy, Baron Annan

Antiphoner and noted Missal fragments

Antiphoner (French)

Antiphoner (Spanish)

Antonie family

Apprenticeship indenture of James Rudge

Apprenticeship indenture of Joseph Low

Apprenticeship indenture of Samuel Thompson

Apprenticeship indenture of Thomas Rickard

Argenta, papers relating to financial administration

Aristotle, Italy

Armed forces proposal


Army ordnance papers

Arnold, Matthew: letter

Article concerning Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Articles on railway excursions

Articles on tea and sugar

A sedative at daybreak

Ashley, John

Asian travel guide

Assessment of rates, 1634

Assignment of land in Yorkshire

Astor, Francis David Langhorne: letter

Atkinson family

A Treatise of the Lord Franc: Bacon of Verulam: high Chancelour of England concerning the Wisdome of the Ancients: translated by M[ichael] N[ewman].

Attornment by Sarah Elys

Authorisations for Christian Frederick Post

Azoff and Don Gas Company

Babbage, Charles: letter, 8 Nov 1850

Babbage, Charles: letter, 29 May 1837

Bailey, Philip James: letter

Baird, Henry Carey: letter

Baker, Jonathan

Bald, Robert: letter

Balfour, George (1872-1941): letter

Banchieri's The Nobleness of the Ass

Banking papers

Bank of Credit

Banks, Sir Joseph: letter, 10 Feb 1815

Banks, Sir Joseph: letter, 12 Aug 1815

Banks, Sir Joseph: letter, 14 Sep 1804

Barbados and Leeward Islands, financial administration papers

Barbados plantation legal papers

Bargain and Sale of Ashtead Manor, Surrey

Bargain and Sale (Tower Street, parish of St Dunstan in the East)

Barham, Dr Charles

Baring, Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer (1841-1917)

Barnard, P M: letter

Barnett, Dame Henrietta Octavia Weston

Barrett, W.E.D.

Barrie, Sir James Matthew

Bateman, Richard

Bates, Herbert Ernest

Battle of Ransbeek chronicle

Bauer, Franz (1758-1840)

Bax, Sir Arnold Edward Trevor

Baxter, James

Baxter John

Baynes, Penelope

Bazley, Sir Thomas: letter

Beach, Sir Michael Edward Hicks: letter

Bedfordshire account books

Beeby, James

Beer Trade Protection Society minute book

Bell, Andrew

Bellini, Vincenzo

Bellot, Professor Hugh Hale

Bellows-maker's account book

Bell, Professor Sir Charles

Beneficent Society of Tinwald and the Friendly Society of Moffat

Benevolent Annuity Company

Benfield, Bruce Charles Barker-

Bennett, Enoch Arnold

Benson, Arthur Christopher (1862-1925)

Bentham, Jeremy: letter, 11 May 1820

Bentham, Jeremy: letter, 24 Dec 1802

Bentham, Mrs: letters

Beresford, W: letter

Bernard, Sir Thomas: letter

Berry, William Ewart

Bertrand, A: letter

Bethge, Eberhard: letter

Beversham, Lady


Bible (Abridgment)

Bible fragments

Bible (Genesis to Ruth)

Bible (Latin)

Bible. Netherlands. (The Vulgate Text)

Bidder, George Parker: letter

Billingsley, Case and Billingsley, John: letters

Bill of expenses

Bill of Lading, 1782

Bill of Lading, 1799

Bill signed by Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson

Bills of Lading, 1728-1788

Bills of sale for ships

Biot, Jean-Baptise and Lefort, F: letters

Birchfield, Maurice

Birmingham and Bromsgrove Road

Blackmore Manufacturers

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge: letter, 11 Jan 1892

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge: letters, 1876-1879

Blain, Henry: letter

Blanc, Louis: letter, 6 Dec 1867

Blanc, Louis: letter, 10 Apr 1864

Blanc, Louis: letter, 15 Dec 1850

Blanc, Louis: letter, 17 Aug 1850

Blank's Charity dole book

Bloomfield, Robert: letter

Board of Agriculture: letters from Sir John Sinclair to John Holroyd, Earl of Sheffield

Bolitho, Henry Hector

Bond of Sir John Dawnay

Book of Hours (incomplete)

Book of Hours (Paris)

Book of Hours (Use of Paris)

Book of Hours (Use of Rome, Péronne)

Book of Hours (Use of Rome)

Book of psalm and hymn tunes

Booth, Charles (1840-1916) and Mary Catherine (1847-1939)

Borrow, George Henry

Bottomley, Gordon: letter, 1939

Bourne, Thomas

Boyd, Walter

Bradby, Godfrey Fox

Bradley, John William

Brash, Richard: letter, 1826

Brett family

Brett , Reginald Balliol (Viscount Esher): letter, 1921


Breviary (Verona)

Breviate of the Institutes of Justinian I

Bridges, George

Bridgnell, James and Wood, H W I: letters, 1857

Bright, Benjamin Heywood

Bright, John: letter, 1885

Bright, Sir Charles Tilston: letter, 1865

Briscoe, John Ivatt: letter, 1828

Bristol highway surveyors

British Library music manuscripts

British Linen Company

British Linen Company (subscribers)

Bromhead, Lt Col Alfred Claude

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, [1846]

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 4 Dec [1851]

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 5 Aug 1830

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 6 Jul 1825, [1857-1904]

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 10 Aug [1799]

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 11 Sep [1857]

Brougham, Henry Peter: letter, 15 Oct 1818

Brougham, Henry Peter: letters, [c1809]-1863

Brougham, Henry Peter: letters, [1799-1868], 1844

Brougham, Henry Peter: letters, 1807-1820

Brougham, Henry Peter: letters, 1836-1853

Browning, Robert: letter, 1889

Brown, Thomas Julian

Bruyne, A.L. de

Budden, William Humphries: letter, 28 Oct 1859

Bull, L: letter, 1911

Burdett, Sir Francis: letter, [1824]

Burford, Ephraim John

Burnell, Edward

Burnett, John

Burnett, John: letter, 1889

Burn, John: letter, 1792

Burns, John (1858-1943)

Burns, John: letter, [1908]

Burns, Robert

Burns, W G: letter, 1846

Burton, Esmond

Busk, Sir Edward Henry: letter, 4 Jun 1922

Busk, Sir Edward Henry: letter, 9 May 1922

Busk, Sir Edward Henry: letter, 20 May 1922

Busk, Sir Edward Henry: letter, 30 Jul 1923

Bylands, C de (fl 1888)

Byron, George Gordon Noel (Lord Byron): letter (facsimile)

Byron, George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale (1788-1824)

Byron's English bards and Scotch reviewers

Caine, Hall: letter (1895)

Calderon, Rodrigo - Marquis de Siete Iglesias

Calle de san Anton

Cammaerts, Professor Emile

Campbell, Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629-1685)

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, Thomas: letter, c 1815-1841

Campbell, Thomas: letter, 4 Apr 1823

Campbell, Thomas: letter, 10 Apr 1838

Campbell, Thomas: letter, 14 Aug 1838

Campbell, Thomas: letter, 22 Apr 1809

Campbell, Thomas: letter fragments, [1803-1844]

Campo, Domingo del

Canadian customs duties, 1762

Canudo, Ricciotto

Carey, W; Campbell, J; Hume, J; Macaulay, T B; and Philips, J: correspondence

Carlton, William

Carlyle, Thomas

Carnegie, Andrew (1835-1919)

Carpenter, William Benjamin: letter, 18 Jun 1875

Carpenter, William Benjamin: letter, 24 Oct 1859

Carpenter, William Benjamin: letter, 29 Mar 1869

Carte, John

Cartwright, Edmund: letter (1828)

Cartwright, John: letter (1817)

Castaneda, Francesco de (fl 1543)

Catalogue of the library of Colonel Thomas White

Catch Club, London

Cavalier Playing Cards pack

Cayley, Arthur

Cernuschi, Henri: letter (1878)

Certificate of burial in wool

Certificate of Henry Wright

Certificate of judgements concerning Honourable John Dottin

Chalmers, George

Chalmers, George (1742-1825)

Chalmers, George: letter, 17 Feb 1821

Chalmers, George: letters, 1788-1804

Chalmers, William

Chamberlain's warrant

Chambers, Raymond Wilson: letter, Jun 1901

Chambers, Raymond Wilson: letter, 22 Jun 1895

Chapman, John: letter (1858)

Chapman, Sidney

Charitable Association

Chasles, Michel: letter, 4 Oct 1852

Chasles, Michel: letter, 8 Apr 1848

Chasles, Michel: letter, 17 May 1850

Chasles, Michel: letter, 31 Aug 1852

Chatley, Herbert

Chaves Echavarri Y Vidal family

Chevalier, Michel: letter (1876)

Chichester canal speech

Child, Sir Josiah: letter (1692)

Clarke, Ernest: letter (1897)

Clarke, Hyde

Clarke, Rev Dawson

Clark, George

Clark, John

Clark, Josiah Latimer: letter (1891)

Clarkson, Thomas: letter, [1830-1840]

Clarkson, Thomas: letter, 9 Aug [1807-1816]

Clarkson, Thomas: letter, 9 Jan 1826

Clarkson, Thomas: letter, 21 Apr 1826

Clavering, E: letter (1752)

Clayton, Sir Robert Clayton (1629-1707) and Morris, Alderman John (d 1682)

Clinton, Alan Michael

Clough, Arthur Hugh: letter (1851)

Coachbuilder's Estimate Book

Coates, Thomas: letter (1847)

Cobbett, John Morgan: letter (1874)

Cobbett, William: letter, 9 May 1809

Cobbett, William: letter, 12 Sep 1833

Cobbett, William: letter, 15 Mar 1830

Cobbett, William: letter, 20 Jul 1808

Cobden, Richard: letter, 2 Aug 1842

Cobden, Richard: letter, 9 Apr [1844]

Cobden, Richard: letter, 11 May 1863

Cobden, Richard: letter, 12 May 1845

Cobden, Richard: letter, 19 Dec 1845

Cobden, Richard: letter, 23 Dec 1845

Cobden, Richard: letter, 27 Sep 1861

Cobden, Richard: letters, 1860-1869

Cobham College

Cockerell, Sir Charles: letter

Codrington, Sir Edward: letter (1830)

Coello, Antonio

Coinage memoranda book

Colbert, Jean-Baptiste: letter (1683)

Cole, George

Coleridge, Sara: letter (1812)

Collcott, Rev Ernest Edgar Vyvyan

Collection of papers relating to politics, genealogy and slavery in Jamaica

Collins, Arthur Jefferies

Collins, Douglas Cecil

Collins, Matthew: letter (1853)

Collins, Sir William Job

Colquhoun, Archibald Campbell-

Combe, George: letter (1847)

Commentary on the Psalms; legal letters

Commissioners for Examining Public Accounts

Commissioners of Excise

Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, 1679-1760

Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, 1811-1821

Commissioners of the King's Revenue

Commissioners of Trade and Plantations

Committee of Plundered Ministers

Committee on Trade and Plantations

Committee to consider the state of the linen trade in Great Britain and Ireland

Commonplace book

Commonplace book including notes on espionage

Commonplace book (poetry and prose)

Commonplace book (poetry)

Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies (Darien Company), MS 63

Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies (Darien Company), MS 69

Comyn, E R: letter

Conduct record of John Warrow

Constiutiones del Real Colegio de Ninas

Contract of loan, Paris, 1754

Contract to repair stables, 1670

Coode, Sir John: letter (1873)

Cooke, Layton: letter, 5 Jan 1829

Cooke, Layton: letter, 20 Jan 1829

Cook, James Stewart

Cook, Thomas A: letter

Cooper, Thomas: letter (1855)

Copied from a note by Gabriel Harvey, in a miscellaneous vol. containing the Medea & Thyeste of Lod.Dolce.-The Hecuba and Iphigenia of Euripedes in Latin by Erasmus-and the first Italian and English Grammar by Henry Grantham 1575

Copland, A: letters

Copy of an original MS. of Bacon's Essays. In J. Payne Collier's handwriting.

Corneillan, Countess Vernède de: letter (1854)

Coronation Broadside Ballad

Costings of foodstuffs

Costs of the upkeep of a galley

Council of State papers relating to merchant shippping

Council of the Decimal Association

Court Baron roll, [1400-1425]

Court Baron Roll, [1719]

Court of Wards

Court proceedings

Cowen, Joseph: letter

Craig, Alexander George (Alec)

Crane, Walter

Cranstoun, David (fl 1840-1845)

Crawford, John

Crawford, Robert F and Cunynghame, Sir Henry: letters

Crawford, Ted

Crawley, Charles William

Creswick, Thomas

Crewe, P: letter (1699)

Crofton, Cecil Frederick

Cross, J: letter (1794)

Cusichaca Trust archive

Customs account of London

Customs and excise revenue of the British Empire

Customs declaration certificates

Dacres, Thomas: letter ([1670])

Dalyell, Tam: letter

Daniel, George

Daniell, Colonel Thomas

Danish royal finance deed

Darley Estate, Yorkshire

Darwin, Charles Robert: letter ([1850])

Davenant, Charles (1656-1714)

David Frances Barry photographs

Davids, Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys-

Davies, Rhys

Davies, Sir John

Davies, William Henry: letter (1915)

Davis, Thomas

Dawson, William Harbutt (1860-1948)

Debates on the English Militia

de Beer, Esmond Samuel: letter (1971)

Declaration of Captain William Higgins regarding the Rose

Declaration of the landholders of Clogherny

Decrees relating to French commerce

Decretals of Gregory IX

Decretals of Gregory IX (English)

De Cusance family papers

Deeds relating to Yorkshire

De Forma Libellorum

De Lamartine, Alphonse-Marie-Louis de Prat (1790-1869)

De Mogan, Augustus: 'On some logical difficulties of language'

De Morgan, Augustus (1806-1871): letter, 1859

De Morgan, Augustus (1806-1871): letter, 1852

De Morgan, Augustus (1806-1871): correspondence

De Morgan, Augustus (1806-1871): correspondence with the University of London Council

De Morgan, Augustus: 'On the syllogism...'

De Morgan, Augustus: 'On the symbols of logic'

De Morgan family

De Morgan, Professor Augustus -

Department of Extra-Mural Studies

Description of the offices of the English Exchequer

Descriptions of the population of Bombay

Dickens, Professor Arthur Geoffrey

Dingwall, Eric John

Diplomatic agreement between England and Flanders

Diplomatic memorandum, relations between Britain and the Netherlands

Directives relating to English customs duties


d'Ivernois, Sir Francis: letter (1813)

Dixon, William Hepworth

Dobson, Alban Tabor Austin and Symington, John Alexander: correspondence

Dobson, Henry Austin

Dobson, Henry Austin: scrapbooks

Documents relating to Westmorland

Dollond, Peter and Dolland, John: letter (1803)

Donizetti, Gaetano

Dorien-Smith, T Algernon: letter ([1883-1884])

Douglas, James

Douglas Jerrold / Michael Slater collection

Douglas, Rev Canon John Albert

Dove, Matthew: letter (1744)

Draft for a speech to the City Council of Madrid

Draft of a Weights and Measures Bill

Druce, Jackson & Co.

Dublin, lists of mercantile houses

Dumas, Alexandre (père)

Dunlop, Alexander Graham

DuPonceau, P S: letter

Durning, Jemma

Dutch coinage instructions

Easdale, Gladys Ellen

Easdale, Gladys Ellen: correspondence

East India Company, 1647

East India Company, 1784

East India Company, 1817-1827

Eastwick, Edward Backhouse: letter

Eden, William (Lord Auckland): letter (1800)

Edgeworth, Francis Ysidro: letter (1908)

Edinburgh local taxation papers

Edinburgh poor relief papers

Edinburgh Water Company

Edmonstone, Sir Archibald

Edward, Prince of Wales, the Black Prince

Eggar, Katherine Emily

Egyptian commerce notes

El Duende

Elegy on the death of Frederick Cornwallis, Baron Cornwallis of Eye

Elemens de Finances

El Escurial

Elinor Glyn and Alfred C W Harmsworth (Lord Northcliffe) correspondence

Eliot, John: letter (1819)

Elliott, Ebenezer

Elliott, Ebenezer: letter (1834)

Ellis, Alexander John (1814-1890)

Elton, Oliver: letter (1933)

Elvey family and Skeats family

Embiricos, Alexandre (fl 1943-1960)

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Emerson, Ralph Waldo: Poems (inserted manuscript)

Emperor Ferdinand I: letter (1562)

Enclosure Commissioners for Luddington and Garthorpe.

Engamehath Manor, Essex: writ

England: imports and exports (1696-1701)

Englefield, Samuel

Englefield, Teresa Ann

English and Bristol Channels Ship Canal Company

English coinage and Royal Mint papers

English Exchequer Bills

English Exchequer order, 1675

English Exchequer order, 1715

English Exchequer papers, 1660-1702

English Exchequer papers, 1708-1739

English Exchequer papers; miscellaneous correspondence

English Exchequer petition

English Exchequer warrant

English excise duties, 1736

English excise revenue, 1662-[1763]

English excise revenue, 1662-1713

English excise revenue, 1662-1730

English excise revenue, 1662-1763

English excise revenue, 1662-1875

English excise revenue, 1709-1785

English public revenue, 1688-1691

English public revenue, 1688-1696

English public revenue, 1688-1702

English public revenue, 1693-1700

English public revenue, 1702-1710

English stamp duties, 1734-1764

Engraving of Windsheim, Germany

Epitome of A Commentary on Antoninus, his Itinerary by William Burton

Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet: letter

Essay on alcoholic beverages

Essay on miniature painters

Essay on Scottish unemployment

Ethel M. Wood

European photographs

Evans, Marian (George Eliot): correspondence

Examination questions on excise duties

Excise Act, 1650

Excise Officer's notebook

Excise trial brief

Exeter and Exmouth Railway

Export ledger, 1836

Extracts from a register of the Conseil du Roi, France

Extracts of decisions made by the Dôle Parlement

Fairbank , Alfred John: card

Fairbank, Alfred John: letter

Fairbank, Alfred John: postcard

Fairbourn, Alan

Fancy, Will (c 1933-2009)

Faraday, Michael and Sarah: letter

Faraday, Michael: letter, 9 Jun 1843

Far East trade papers

Farr, Florence

Farr, Florence: correspondence, 1891-1905

Farr, Florence: correspondence, 1891-1911

Farr, Florence: correspondence, 1892 and [1890s]

Faversham Manor, Kent

Fay, Professor Charles Ryle

Feis, Herbert

Fellowes, Robert (1771-1847)

Ferguson, John

Ferryman, Col Eric Edward Mockler-

Fetch, Joseph Deacon: letter (1870)

Field, Cyrus W: letters (1873-1885)

Fiennes, William (Viscount Saye and Sele): letter (1648)

Filmer, Sir Edward, 3rd Bt

Financial abstracts relating to customs and excise duties

Finberg, Herbert Patrick Reginald

Firth, Sir Charles Harding

Fisher, Alfred Hugh (1867-1945)

Fisher, John (Bishop of Salisbury): letter (1816)

Flatter, Dr Richard

Flint, Professor Henry T.

Fontigny, Séguy de

Forbes, Admiral John

Ford, Richard (Thomas Bean Research Collection)

Ford, Thomas Benson

Forester, Cecil Scott: letters (1932-1933)

Formulary of English deeds

Formulary of legal documents

Forth Bridge Railway Company

Foskett, Douglas

Foskett, Douglas (1918-2004)

Fowler, William Warde: letter (1916)

Fowre Sermons containing the life & Actes of the moste famous virgine St. Katherine of Sienna written by the Reverend Fa: Lewes de Granada.

Foxwell, Herbert - invoices, reviews, accounts

Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on Queene Elizabeth her tymes and favorites.

Fragmented Manuscript of 'The Vision of Piers Plowman'

Fragment of a treatise on the Mass

Fragment of Bede's commentary on the Song of Songs

Fragment of Kyng Alisaunder

Fragment of Maistre Wace's Roman de Brut

Fragment of the register of the Court of Criminal Justice, Pistoia

Fragments of Boethius's De differentiis topicis

Fragments of the Decretum Gratiani, 14th century

Fragments of the Decretum Gratiani, 1546

Fragments relating to Scottish religion

Fragment (unidentified)

Francis Bacon Society

Frankland, Richard: letter

Frank, Tenney: letter

Frederick, Richard

Fremantle, Sir C W: letter (1878)

French civil wars, account of negotiations

French commerce legislation

French foreign policy memoirs

French legal papers

French mining legislation

French public revenue, 1757-1766

French revolutionary pamphlets

French taxation forms

French taxation papers

Friendly Society of Journeymen Bookbinders of London And Westminster

FROST, Harold (1892-1975)

Frost, Harold (1892-1975): photographs

FROST, Harold (1892-1975), scrapbooks

Frotté, Charles

Fry, Albert (fl 1863)

Fuller, Alfred

Galloway, Alexander: letter (1824)

Galton, Francis: letter (1903)

Galton, Frank Wallis

Gardiner, Professor Laurie R.

Garrick Club

Gas, Light And Coke Company

Gatchell, Edward

Gatfield, G.W.

Geary, N: letter (1815)

Gee, Joshua

Gellert, Leon: letters

Geometry treatise

George, Henry: letter (1891)

George V, King: telegram (1920)

Gerald Duckworth and Co Ltd

Gibbs, Henry Hucks: correspondence (1876-1884)

Gili, Joan (1907-1998)

Gissing, George: letter (1899)

Gladstone, William Ewart: letter, 21 Apr 1854

Gladstone, William Ewart: letter, 29 Oct 1868

Glasgow letters of guildry

Glasgow Union Banking Company

Glen, James

Goldsmith's Library of Economic Literature; Herbert Somerton Foxwell

Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature

Gomm, Sir William Maynard

Goodman, John

Gordon, Charles George: letter (1884)

Gordon family

Gough family

Gough, Richard

Goulding, Edward Alfred (1st Baron Wargrave): letter ([1935])

Graham, Sir James Robert George: letter, 18 Mar 1839

Graham, Sir James Robert George: letters, 1834-1853

Grain prices in Kingston upon Hull

Grand Junction Canal

Grand Jury indictment relating to counterfeit notes

Grange, J.B. le

Grant of a pension to John Ramsay McCulloch

Graves, John Thomas: letters (1853)

Gray, John: letter (1797)

Greaves, Prof Harold Richard Goring

Greek lecture notes

Green, William: letter

Greenwood, Joseph Gouge: letter

Grenfell, William Henry (Lord Desborough): letter (1912)

Greville memoirs

Grey, Henry George (Earl Grey): letters

Gribomont, Father Jean: letter (1958)

Grieve Family Collection of Theatre Designs

Grieve family correspondence

Grote, George

Grote, Harriet: letter (1846)

Guedalla, Philip

Guide book to Rome

Guinier, T: letter (1868)

Hadley, Benjamin

Hale, William: letter (1806)

Haley, Charles: letter (1818)

Hall, Benjamin: Letter (1817)

Hall, Benjamin: Letter [1864]

Hallett, Harold Foster

Halliwell, James Orchard: letters (1867-1875)

Hamburg, civic ordinances

Hamer, Richard Frederick Sanger

Hamilton, George Rostrevor: letters (1932-1934)

Hamilton, Guy: letters (1954-1955)

Hamilton, Hugh (Lord Hamilton of Glenawly): letter ([1661-1678])

Hamond, Sir Graham Eden: correspondence (1850-1865)

Handwriting specimens

Hanley, James

Hanley, James (1901-1985)

Hanley, James: letter (1933)

Hans van Marle Collection

Hardy, Charles Frederick

Hardy, Joseph: letter (1816)

Hardy, Peter: letter (1851)

Harney, Julian: letters (1888-1895)

Harper, William Edmund Alexander

Harris, Joshua

Harrison, George Leib: letter (1881)

Harrison, James

Harte, Negley: History of the University of London papers

Harvey, Margaret

Havergal, Francis Tebbs (1829-1890)

Hawkins, Edward: letter (1841)

Haynes, Hopton

Hazlitt, William [the Younger]: letter (1838)

Headeach, Charles: letter

Headfort Estate

Hearth tax: indenture of revenues

Hearth tax receipt: Cawood, Yorkshire

Heathcote, Samuel: letter

Heath, John Benjamin: letter (1845)

Heisler, Ron

Helps, Sir Arthur: letter

Henley, William Ernest: card

Henry IV, King of Castille and Leon

Herbert, William

Hermetic philosophy: various writings

Hewitt, William

Hey, William Henry: letter

Heywood, Samuel: letter (1795)

Hickson, William Edward: letter ([1832])

Higford, William

Hill, John

Hill, Octavia: letter (1908)

Hingley, Peter Dennis

Hipkins, Alfred James

Historical memoirs of the Russell family, Dukes of Bedford

History of London

History of London area

History of the House of Brandenburg

Hobhouse, Henry: letter (1830)

Hobson, Lancelot: letter (1685)

Hocking, Silas Kitto: letter

Hogg, James

Hogg, Quintin: letter (1876)

Holden, Ida

Holland, John

Holland, M.K.

Holland, Sir Henry: letter ([1870)]

Holroyd, John Baker

Holroyd, John Baker (1st Earl of Sheffield): letter, 6 Apr 1791

Holroyd, John Baker (1735-1821)

Holroyd , John Baker: letters (1789-1802)

Holroyd, John Baker: Observations on the commerce of the American states (1784)

Holyoake, George Jacob: letter, 20 Jul 1872

Holyoake, George Jacob: letter, 23 Feb 1895

Holyoake, George Jacob: postcards

Home Echoes Literary Society

Hornby, Charles

Horner, Leonard: letter (1828)


Hoskins, William

Hotchkiss, John

Household bills and receipts

Howell, George: letter (1904)

Hudson Bay Company

Hudson, James

Hull, Thomas Harvey: letter (1930)

Hulme, Hilda

Humberstone, Thomas Lloyd

Hume, James Deacon

Hume, Joseph: letter (1828)

Humphreys, Professor Robert Arthur

Hunter & Co: letter (1822)

Hunt, James Henry Leigh: letter

Huskisson, William: letter (1825)

Hutton, Charles

Huxley, Aldous Leonard (1894-1963)

Hyde, J M: letter (1873)

A Coppy of a letter Conceived to bee writt to the late Duke of Buckingham...

A Slap at Sop: satirical pamphlet

Deed of power of attorney given by Sir Julius Adelmare alias Caesar, knight...

La Pucelle D'Orleans

'In Arithmetica diversche questyen met hare solutien'

Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights and Composers: annual report 1945

Indenture appointing Thomas Neale to the Royal Mint

Indenture of a fine relating to land in Berkshire

Independent Order of Rechabites

Ingelow, Jean: letter ([1860-1897])

Ingram, John Kells: letter (1878)

Inspeximus of Edward IV, King of England

Insurance company

Insurance policy

International Commission of Enquiry to Liberia

Inventory and accounts relating to the estate of John Appleton

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Church

Inventory of the estate of Thomas West, 8th Baron West and 9th Baron De La Warr

Inventory of the goods of Robert Gibbs

Inventory of the possessions of Farmer Cotton

Invoices relating to Philadelphia

Ireland: imports and exports

Irish coinage papers

Speeches by William [Cecil] Lord Burleigh [Burley]; Nicholas Bacon; the Lord Chancellor of France, Nicolas Bruslart; Francis Bacon. Letters by Francis Bacon and others


Jackson, William Ward: letter (1822)

Jacobite tract

Jacomb, Edward

James, Montague Rhodes: letters (1929)

Janstein, Elizabeth von

Jardine, James: letter (1825)

Jenkinson, Charles (1st Earl of Liverpool): letter (1793)

Jenkinson, Charles, 1st Earl of Liverpool

Jenkinson, Sir Hilary: letter (1957)

Jerrold, Walter Copeland: letters (1902)

Jessop, William Henry Rowlestone: letter (1855)

Jigsaw, 'The Progress of Sugar Neatly Dissected'

Joad, Cyril Edward Mitchinson: letters (1947)

John Bradley & Co., Ironfounders

Johnson, J: letter (1842)

Jones and Co, cloth merchants

Jones, Charles: letter (1841)

Jones, Edward Alfred

Jones, Henry Arthur

Jones, Henry Arthur: correspondence, 1918-1939

Jones, Henry Arthur: correspondence, 1922-1929

Jones, H: letter (1841)

Jones, John Gale: letters (1828)

Jones, William Bence: letter (1844)

Joplin, Thomas: letter, 7 Jan 1831

Joplin, Thomas: letter, 7 May 1832

Joplin, Thomas: letter, 14 Feb 1844

Joplin, Thomas: letter, 28 May 1824

Joplin, Thomas: letters, Apr 1832

Judicial proceedings Act

Jury list, [16th century]

Jury list, [18th century]

Jury List, [1650]

Kent coinage

Kent Water Works Company: share certificates

Kenyon, Sir Frederic George; Pafford, John Henry Pyle; and Greg, Sir Walter Wilson: letters

Ker, William Paton

Ker, William Paton; Jones, John Viriamu; Reichel, Harry: correspondence

Ker, William Paton: letter, 31 May 1901

Keymer, John

Khan, Frances: poems and papers, 1992-1995

Khan, Frances: poems and related papers: 1992-1995

King, Charles: letter (1725)

King, John: letter (1799)

Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge

Kirkpatrick, Edward: letter (1822)

Knight, E.

Knight, Thomas

Knox, Hermione (Countess of Ranfurly): letter (1968)

Lady Charlotte (attendant to Queen Adelaide): correspondence

Lady Quentin: letter (1833)

Lago, Mary

Lahr, Charles (April 2007 deposit)

Lahr, Charles (1855-1971)

Lahr, Charles (1885-1971)

Lahr family papers

Lahr, Oonagh: letters

Lakeman, S C: letter (1847)

Lambe, Samuel

Lancaster, Sir Osbert: letter

Land Tax Commissioners

Lang, Andrew (1844-1912)

Langford Manor, Bedfordshire

Langland, William: Manuscript of 'The Vision of Piers Plowman' and 'La Estorie del Evangelie'

Laon, Abbey of St Vincent

Lardner, Nathaniel

Larpent, Sir George Gerard de Hochepied, 1st Bt

Larratt, Daniel

Law Compendium

Law, Edward (1st Earl of Ellenborough): letter (1839)

Lawrence, Charles

Lawrence, Sir Edwin Durning-

Lawson, Captain Patrick

Lawson, Richard

Laws relating to French colonial banks

Lease (Duke Street, parish of St Marylebone)

Lease (Greek Street, parish of St Anne)

Leases (Hog Lane, parish of St Giles in the Fields)

Leatham, William Henry: letter (1868)

Lee and Pembertons

Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Lee, John: letter (1877)

Lee, Laurie: letter (c 1944)

Legal case book

Legal commonplace book, [1708-1732]

Legal commonplace book, [1708]

Legal commonplace book, 1683-1684

Legal document relating to Bishampton, Worcestershire

Legal document relating to land in Calais, 1418

Legal documents relating to Kent and Sussex

Legal documents relating to land in Calais, 1420-1499

Legal expenses

Le Gallienne, Richard: letter (1896)

Legal opinions of Sir Edward Northey

Legal papers relating to estates in Jamaica

Legal papers relating to King James II and the Anglican Church

Legge, Sylvia

Leishman, James Blair

Le Mare, E R: letters (1879)

Leon Pinelo, Antonio de

Le Roy, V: letter (1945)

Letter concerning Jacobitism

Letter concerning Merino sheep

Letter concerning the Scottish cloth trade

Letter from Charles Bennett

Letter of Louis Benigne François Bertier de Sauvigny

Letter relating to American customs duties

Letter relating to election charges

Letter relating to the French cloth trade

Letter relating to the Privy Chamber

Letters and Parliamentary speeches

Letters concerning Middleton Cheney rectory

Letters from Charles XIV, King of Sweden and Norway

Letters of Attorney

Letters relating to French commerce

Lever, William Hesketh (Lord Leverhulme): letters

Lewin family papers

Lewis, Owen

Libri, Guglielmo: letter (1857)

Licences to beg, Norfolk

Lindsay, David (Earl of Crawford and Earl of Balcarres): letter ([1936])

Lindsay, James Ludovic (Earl of Crawford): letter (1907)

List of Customs officers in England and Wales

List of grain prices in Lanarkshire

List of names

List of the offices of England, 1590

List of the offices of England, 1606

List of the offices of the Excise Board

Lists of revenues and offices of Ireland

Literature on the Escalade of Geneva

Livie, Anne

Loan for war against Portugal

Loch, Sir Charles Stewart

Locke, Joseph: letter (1846)

Lockwood, Lady Julia: letter ([1829])

Locomotive drawing

Logan, Sir Douglas William

Logan, W: letter (1824)

Log book of the 'Speights Town'

London and Birmingham Railway

London and Birmingham Railway, [1837]

London and Birmingham Railway, 1830-1832

London Schools and Colleges Dining Club

London Underground Survey

London University Transport Studies Society

Long, George: letter (1837)

Longley, Katharine (b 1920)

Longman, Thomas: letter (1860)

Long, Sir Robert, 1st Bt

Longson, William: letter (1825)

Louis XIV (King of France) letter

Lovat and Cromarty Estates

Lovett, William

Lowe, Edward R.

Lowe, Elias Avery: letters (1959)

Lowther, Anthony William George

Loyd family papers

Ludovisi, Baldassarre Boncompagni-: Letter (February 1856)

Ludovisi, Baldassarre Boncompagni-: Letter (January 1856 )

Ludovisi, Baldassarre Boncompagni-: Letter (1858)

Lunan, John: letter (1819)

Lygon, William (Lord Beauchamp): letter (1914)

MACAULAY, Rose (1881-1958) - letters to Eric Gillett

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 2 Jan [1853]

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 3 Nov 1857

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 7 Nov 1857

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 12 Aug 1858

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 14 Aug 1858

Macaulay, Thomas Babington: letter, 14 Oct 1853

Macdonald, Alexander (1821-1881)

MacDonald, George: letter (1885)

Macirone, George: letter (1826)

Mackay, Charles: letter (1857)

Mackenzie, Peter: letter

Mackenzie, Sir Edward Montague Compton

Macleod, Henry Dunning: letter (1901)

Madrid: Bootmakers' guild

Madrid: Calle de la Paz

Madrid: Hermandad de Animas de macebos de obra prima

Madrid: Hospicio de San Fernando

Madrid: Las animas de los cofrades de nuestra senora de las Nieves

Madrid: Monesterio Real de las Descalzas

Madrid: Nuestra Senora de Atocha

Madrid: Partido de Madrid

Madrid, plans and views

Madrid redeemed annuity

Madrid: San Jeronimo el Real

Madrid: San Miguel de los Octoes

Madrigal Society

Magenis, Leslie S.

Magnus, Sir Philip: letter (1926)

Male servant tax

Malleson, William Miles: letter (1967)

Maltes y Negron, Joseph

Malthus, Thomas Robert: letter, 9 Oct 1814

Malthus, Thomas Robert: letter, 28 Nov 1800

Manchester Board of Health

Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company

Mandate for movement of artillery

Manin, Ludovico

Mannin, Ethel Edith: letter (1963)

Manning, Matthew

Manning, William: letters (1800-1801)

Mann, James (Earl Cornwallis): letter (1840)

Manton Marble Collection

Mappa Mundi notes

Marbeau, J P: letter

March, John: letter (1833)

Mare, Walter de la: letters (1948)

Maritime law and transcripts of judicial proceedings

Marriage settlement

Marshall, John

Marsh, Sir Edward Howard: letter (1940)

Marsh, Stracey, Fauntleroy and Graham

Martin, Mordaunt: letter (1801)

Marx, Karl: letter, 10 Apr 1869

Marx, Karl: letter, 18 Mar 1872

Marx, Karl: letter, 30 Jan 1875

Masefield, John (1878-1967)

Masefield, John Edward

Masefield, John Edward: letter [1900-1915]

Masefield, John Edward: letter [1941]

Masefield, John Edward: letter, [1941-1967]

Masefield, John Edward: poem, 1965

Masefield, John: Handwritten passages of poetry

Mason, Charles: letter

Maspero, Sir Gaston: letter (1907)

Masson, David and Carlyle, Thomas: letters

Masterpieces of Hogarth

Mathematical notebook, Italian

Mathematical treatise

Mathematics: various writings

Maurice, Frederick Denison: letter

Maximilian II, King (afterward Emperor): letter

Maxwell, Sir Herbert (1845-1937)

Mayers, H.A.

McAdam, John Loudon: letter

McCulloch, John Ramsay: correspondence, 1820-1863

McCulloch, John Ramsay: letter, 19 Nov [c1825]

McCulloch, John Ramsay: letter, 23 Mar 1863

McCulloch, John Ramsay: letters, [c1820-1864] and 18 Dec 1840

McNabb, Fr Vincent: letter

Mead, Geoffrey John de Cusance: correspondence collection

Mead, Geoffrey John de Cusance (fl 1939-1979)

Medbourne, account of cow pastures

Medieval choirbook

Medieval manuscript fragments

Medieval manuscript fragments (12th-14th century)

Medieval manuscript fragments, [1598]

Medieval manuscript fragments, mainly relating to law

Meditations, thoughts and ejaculatory prayers

Medley, George Webb: late 19th century press-cuttings

Medway navigation legislation

Melville, General Robert

Melville, John Thornton Leslie- (9th Earl of Leven): letter

Melvill, James Cosmo: letter (1849)

Memoir of Louis René de Caradeuc de La Chalotais

Memoir sur le Retablissement des Manufactures

Memoranda on Newfoundland fishing rights

Memoranda on the price of wheat and flour

Memorandum concerning transit routes through Central America

Memorandum on Dutch trade in the West Indies

Memorandum on the administration of Orkney

Memorandum on the Composition Trade

Memorandum relating to Swiss Cantons; letters regarding French education

Memorandum relating to the London docks

Memorial of Arthur Lemuel Shuldham

Memorial of Thomas Wroe

Merchants' agreement to supply meat

Meredith, George

Meredith, George: letter (forgery)

Meredith, George: letter, 28 May 1902

Mexia de Bargas, Francisco

Milligan, Frank

Milliére, Jacques Louis Chaumont de La

Mill, John Stuart: letter, [1860]

Mill, John Stuart: letter, 11 Mar 1842

Mill, John Stuart: letter, 30 Mar 1844

Mills, Mabel Helmer

Milnes and Newbold: letter (1851)

Miscellanea including papers relating to Sir Clowdisley Shovell

Miscellaneous correspondence and cuttings, [1763]-1925

Missal fragment (12th century)

Missal fragment (16th century)

Missal (incomplete)

Mitchell, John and Maude, W M: letters (1820)

Moges, Alphonse Louis Théodore , Comte de Moges

Moguer (15th century Spanish charter)

Molesworth, Sir Guilford Lindsey

Monasterio de Santa Catalina de Sena

Montagu-Douglas-Scott , Walter Francis (Duke of Buccleuch): letter

Moorcroft, William

Moore, George: letters (1920-1924)

Moore, Henry: letter (1961)

Moore, Olive

Moore, Thomas Sturge

Morgan, John Minter: letter, 24 Dec 1851

Morgan, John Minter: letter, 24 Jun 1845

Morgan, Professor Augustus De

Morgan, Professor Augustus De (1806-1871)

Morgan, Professor Augustus De: Library - almanac

Morgan, Sophia De: correspondence

Morgan, William Frend De: letter [Nov 1911]

Morgan, William Frend De: letters (1900)

Morison, Stanley Arthur: letter (1958)

Morley Estate, Norfolk

Morley, Henry: letter (1890)

Morley, Malcolm

Morris, William

Morton, Charles

Motley, John Lothrop

Mourthatt, William

Mudie's Select Library: Sara Keith collection

Music fragment

Mutiny of Squilace

Mylne, Robert

Nash, Mr: letter (1761)

National Land Bank

Navy annuities

Naylor, Francis Hare

Nelson, Horatio: letter

Newbolt, Sir Francis George

Newgate Prison - a history

Newman, Francis William and Mozley, Winifred: letter and photographs

Newman, Francis William: letters, 1864-1894

New River, Bargain and Sale

Newsletter from The Hague

Newton, Alfred Edward

Newton family

Newton, John: letter (1780)

Newton or Leibnitz inventing differential calculus: letters and papers

Newton, Thomas

Nichols, John Bowyer (1779-1863) and Nichols, John Gough (1806-1873)

Noezen, Daniel Erik

Norfolk militia accounts

Norman, George Warde: letter

North American trade accounts

North Midland Railway Company

North Mimms, Hertfordshire; East India Company memorandum

North, W: posters and pamphlets

Norwich poor relief papers

Notebook on medieval manuscripts

Notebook on philosophy and logic

Notes and papers on currency

Notes from lectures by Dugald Stewart

Notes on an educational method by Philip Doddridge

Notes on Calcutta banking

Notes on feudal law

Notes on Japanese exchanges

Notes on the Annals of Tacitus

Notes on trade with Goa and the Far East

Nottingham and Lincoln Railway

Nowottny, Winifred M.T.

Oastler, Richard: letter, [1807-1861]

Oastler, Richard: letter, 9 Feb 1848

Oastler, Richard: letter, 23 Jun 1833

Oates, C.F.

O'Brien, Eoin

O'Casey, Sean: letter, 21 Mar 1962

O'Casey, Sean: letters, May 1937- Dec 1957

Offley, A: letter ([1790])

O'Flaherty, Liam

Ogden, Charles Kay: letter

Ogilvy, David Graham Drummond, 5th Earl of Airlie

Oldham, James

Operetta by Patrick Robertson, Lord Robertson

Orations given at the Austrian Court

Ord, Craven

Order regarding diplomacy at Tetuán (Morocco)

Orders relating to the German woollen trade

Orme, James: letter

Orton, James

Owen, Robert

Owen, Robert: letter, [1830]-1849

Owen, Robert: letter, 24 Oct 1814

Owen, Robert: letter, 30 Apr 1858

Pafford, John Henry Pyle (1900-1996)

Paget, T E: letter (1904)

Pain, Barry (1864-1928)

Palfrey, Harry E: letter (1929)

Palmer, Henry

Papal letters

Papal privileges for Hospital Real del Buen Suceso

Pare, William

Paris, Gaston: letter (1887)

Parker family

Park, Thomas

Parliamentary bills on finance

Parliamentary dissents

Parliamentary grants for public services, 1702-1705

Parliamentary papers relating to royal grants

Parliamentary speeches and copies of letters by Francis Bacon, Sir Robert Cotton, Robert Earl of Salisbury, Oliver St. John, Sir John Eliott, Sir Francis Seymour, Sir Benjamin Rudiard and Sir Philip Sidney.

Parliamentary tax grants, 1688-1705

Parry, Lawton

Pasquini, Angelo

Patent assignment

Paternal advice

Pattishall Manor, [Northamptonshire]

Paulet, Charles Ingoldsby (13th Marquess of Winchester): letter (1814)

Peel, Sir Robert: letter, [1849]-1878

Peel, Sir Robert: letter, 8 Jan [1846]

Peel, Sir Robert: letter, 10 May 1843

PEGGE, Samuel (1704-1796)

Pellerin, Jean: letter ([1699])

Perez, David

Perris, George Herbert

Perry, John

Pery, Richard: letters (1621)

Petition concerning farthing tokens

Petition concerning the English wool industry

Petition of Jonathan Carter Hornblower

Petition of Right, parliamentary proceedings

Petition of William Courten

Petition relating to Scottish church government

Pfeffer, Karl-Heinz: letter

Philippart, John: correspondence, 1836

Philippart, John: correspondence, 1846

Philip, Robert: manuscript of Heliand

Philip V, King of Spain: Royal Household Ordinances

Phillipps, Sir Thomas: letter (1837)

Phillips, John

Phillips, William

Phillpotts, Eden: letter, 17 Jan 1928

Phillpotts, Eden: letter, 18 Oct 1901

Philosophy fragment

Pinto, Isaac de

Pitkethley, Mr: letter (1832)

Pitt, William (the younger): letter

Place, Francis: letter, [1823]

Place, Francis: letter, 12 Jun 1838

Plans of plots of land in Canillejas district of Madrid

Plans of the Ministry of Justice

Playne, Caroline Elizabeth

Plimsoll, Samuel and Lushington, Godfrey: letters, 1873-1878

Plimsoll, Samuel: letter, 26 Feb 1890

Poem about Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford

Poem, 'Bacchus Verses'

Poems by Sir Francis Hubert, Sir Robert Cotton and Ben Jonson

Poem, 'When Morpheus' wand has lulled'

Poetry album

Polhill, Charles

Pollard, Albert Frederick (1869-1948)

Pollard, Albert: Josiah Clement Wedgwood letters

Pontifical fragment

Pool Chapel endowment proposal

Poor relief petition, Yorkshire

Population of Ireland in 1788

Porteus, Bishop Beilby

Postlethwayt, Malachy

Pott, Constance Mary Fearon

Pound, Dorothy: letters

Powys, Theodore Francis

Poyntz, Isabella

Pratchett, Terry (b 1948)

Prayer book (18th century)

Previté, Joseph

Price, Harry

Prinsep, George Alexander

Pritchard, Charles: letter (1860)

Privileges for Madrid

Privy Council letters

Privy Council papers

Prize goods, appointment of Commissioners

Proby, John (Lord Carysfoot): letter (1762)

Proceedings of the House of Commons regarding supply

Proclamation concerning tithes

Procter, Ann Benson (1799-1888)

Property deeds relating to England, Wales and Jersey

Proposals concerning the English coinage

Proposed marriage of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Infanta Maria (1623)

Prose and verse on moral and political affairs

Prose and verse passages

Psalter fragment

Psalter miniatures

Public finance accounts

Purdon, Charles Benjamin

Pye, Henry John: letter (1832)

Pyott, Thomas Robert

Questionnaires on bankruptcy laws

Questions concerning customs farming

Queux, William Tufnell Le: letter, 29 May 1895

Queux, William Tufnell Le: postcard, 17 Sep 1904

Quick, Robert Hebert: correspondence


Quincy, Samuel: letters (1711-1915)

Raikes, Thomas

Ranyard, Arthur Cowper (1845-1894)

Rastrick, Henry

Rastrick, John Urpeth

Rastrick, John Urpeth: Birmingham and Liverpool Railway

Rastrick, John Urpeth: Brighton, Lewes and Hastings Railway

Rastrick, John Urpeth: diaries, notebooks, etc

Rastrick, John Urpeth: Kenyon and Leigh Junction Railway

Rastrick, John Urpeth: London Bridge

Rastrick, John Urpeth: notebook

Rastrick, John Urpeth: technical notebooks

Rawson, Robert: letter

Rücker, Sir Arthur: correspondence

Reade, Sir Thomas

Registers relating to the Netherlands herring fishing industry

Regulations for Venetian trade, 1703-1760

Regulations for Venetian trade, 1735-1739

Rennie, George

Rental relating to property in Kent

Report on English customs revenue

Report on English finances

Report on the public administration of Peru

Report on the state of coinage in Barcelona

Reports on French population

Report to General Gage on the County of Sussex (1781)

Report to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

Resolution of the Court of Common Council

Ricci, Seymour Montefiore Robert Rosso de-

Richards, John: letter (1816)

Richardson, Al (1941-2003), HIggins, Jim (1930-2002)

Richnell, Donovan (1911-1994)

Riqueti , Victor de (Marquis de Mirabeau): letter (1775)

Ritchie, Anne Isabella

Ritchie, Anne Isabella: letter

Ritchie, Anne Isabella: letters

Rivers, Sir George

Robert Of Gloucester chronicle

Roberts, David

Robertshaw, James: letter (1846)

Roberts, Henry: letter (1861)

Roberts, Samuel: letter (1833)

Robinson, Henry Crabb: letter, 23 Dec [1850-1860]

Robinson, Henry Crabb: letter, 28 Jun 1854

Rockwood, Robert

Rodrigo Calderon, the Aragon conspiracy of 1648, the expulsion of the Jesuits

Rogers, Isaac

Rogers, James Edwin Thorold: letters

Rolland, Romain


Romilly, Sir Samuel: letter (1785)

Ron Heisler Collection

Roscoe, Sir Henry Enfield: letters (1894-1898)

Rose, George: letter (1814)

Ross, William: letters (1840)

Round, John Horace

Routh, Edward John: letter

Rowan, Archibald Hamilton

Rowcroft, Mr: letter (1805)

Royal African Company of England

Royal African Company of England (Sierra Leone)

Royal Household receipt

Royal Mint papers, 1729-1770

Royal Mint papers and tables, 1740-1748

Royal Navy pay table

Royal Wardrobe petition

Royal warrant relating to payment of the armed forces

Royal warrants to the Privy Seal for payments

Ruding, Rogers

Rushout, Anne

Ruskin, John

Ruskin, John: letter

Russell Committee on Adult Education

Russell House, Tavistock Sq., London

Russell, John (1st Earl Russell): letter (1847)

Russell, John (6th Duke of Bedford): letter (1813)

Russell, Rollo: letter (1912)

Russell Street fire, compensation requests

Rutherford, Andrew

Rye, Reginald Arthur

Rye, William Brenchley

Sabatier, Andre (fl 1817)

Sackville-West, Vita (Lady Nicholson): letter (1957)

Saintsbury, George E B: letters

Saint-Simon, Henri de: letters

Sampson, George

Sanches de Tovar, Ferrando de

Sandbach, Tinné and Co., Liverpool

Sandys, Sir Edwin

San Joseph, Manuel de: Life of

Sanz de Vellidas, Francisco

Sassoon, Siegfried Loraine

Saudek, Robert

Sauerbeck, Augustus (d 1929)

Saunders, Charles Alexander: letter (1833)

Sayer, Benjamin (fl 1831-1833)

Say, Jean-Baptiste: letter

Scarman Inquiry into the Brixton Riots

Scattergood, Bernard Page

Schrader, Johs Frédéric

Scottish food prices Act

Scottish trade report

Scott, Sir Walter, 1st Bt

Scott, William (d 1841): letter

Scriven, Mary Ann

Seaman, P K: letter

Seaton Annuity receipts

Second World War Pacifist Publications

Seebhom, Frederick

Seebohm, Frederic: letters

Seeley, Sir John Robert

Seidel, Robert

Selected items copied from a book of Sir Richard Grosvenor

Senior, Nassau William

Senior, Nassau William: letter (1836)


Sermon endowment for the parish church of St John, Hackney

Sermons about the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sermons and other works by Herbert Palmer

Sermons, 1670

Sermons, 1727-1756

Sewell family

Seymour, Henry

Shakespeare, William - notes on

Sharp, John

Shaw, E: letter (1888)

Shaw, Eyre Massey: letters

Shedden family

Sheffield, John, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby

Sheffield Place park and farm: steward's account (1780-1787)

Silberman, Leo

Sinclair, Sir John: letter, 7 Jul 1798

Sinclair, Sir John: letter, 15 Jun 1795

Sinclair, Sir John: letter, 23 Apr 1825

Sinking fund accounts

Sinking Fund receipt

Skillington, Stephen Harry: letter (1923)

SKOWRONSKI, Thaddeus de (fl 1939-1940)

Slave pass

Slight, Lewis: letter (1839)

Smiles, Samuel: letter, 14 Dec 1868

Smiles, Samuel: letter, 22 Jun 1860

Smith, Adam: letter, 4 Apr 1760

Smith, Adam: letter, 5 Feb 1778

Smith, Adam: letter, 20 Dec 1777

Smith, Alexander Howland

Smith, George

Smith, Richard: letter (1794)

Smith, Sarah (Hesba Stretton): letter ([1886])

Smith, Sir Thomas: Economic treatise

Smith, William Collingwood: letter (1870)

Smoldon, William L.

Sneade, William

Society of Friends (family records)

Some reflections on the life of William Shakespeare. A paper Read before the Ipswich Philosophic Society by James Corton Cowell, February 7, 1805. [And a second paper, April 1805].

Sonata by Francesco Geminiani

Southampton shipping papers

Southey, Robert

Southey, Robert: letter

South Sea Company

Spaccio della Bestia Trionfante

Speaight, Robert William: letter (1943)

Specification for Leeds and Selby Railway (1830)

Spencer, Herbert

Spencer, Herbert: letter, 25 Jan 1878

Spencer, Herbert: letter, 28 Apr 1874

Spencer, Herbert: letter, 31 May 1852

Spencer, Sir Stanley: letter (1924)

Spender, Brenda Elizabeth (1884-1967)

Spender, Stephen: letter (1953)

Spilsbury, Sir Bernard Henry: letter

Spurdens, William Tylney


Stacey, Reginald Stephen

Stamp, Josiah Charles, 1st Baron Stamp of Shortlands

Standing Committee on Trade

Stanhope, Charles and Stirling, Wilhelmina: letters

Stanhope, Philip Dormer, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Starkie, Walter Fitzwilliam: letter

Statement by Napoleon I

Statistics on the population of Ireland

St Catharine's Cumberland Lodge

Stephen, James: letter (1825)

Stephensen, Magnús: letter

Stephens, Joseph Rayner: letter

Stephenson, Robert: letter

Sterling, Sir Louis Saul

Stern, Lt Col Sir Edward David, 1st Bt

St George, Sir Richard St George Mansergh

St Helens Canal & Railway Company

Stockdale, John

Stockton and Darlington Railway Company

St Peter's Church of England Sunday School: admission book, 1913

St Peter's Port Pier, Guernsey

Stuart & Blackwood: correspondence

Study of English territories in the East Indies

Sub-committee for Printing the Journals and Rolls of Parliament

Suffolk Quarter Sessions

Supply granted by Parliament, 1740

Swedish trade paper

Swinburne, Algernon Charles

Swinburne, Algernon Charles: letter

Swingler, Randall and Rickword, Edgell: letters

Symons, Arthur: Holograph manuscript of 'London Nights'

Symons, Arthur William

Symons, Arthur William (1865-1945)

Tables of corn and wheat prices in France

Tables of tolls for Argenta

Tables relating to the Royal Mint

Tabori, Paul

Tagore, Sir Rabindranath

Talbot, Bishop James Robert

Taxation in Florence and Pisa

Tayler family

TAYLER, John Lionel (1874-1930)

Tayler, Madam

Taylor, Charles: letter

Taylor, Geoffrey Handley- (1920-2005)

Taylor, John: letter, 5 Jul 1837

Taylor, John: letter, 17 Feb 1795

Taylor, William Cooke (1800-1849): letter

Teck, Prince Alexander of: letter

Telford, Thomas: letter

Temple, Henry, 2nd Viscount Palmerston

Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson: letter (forgery)

Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson

Ternan family

Ternan Family papers


Thackeray, Anne Isabella

Thackeray, William Makepeace; Hood, Thomas; and Nelson, Horatio: correspondence and poems (forgeries)

Thackery, William Makepeace: letter (forgery)

The first procedings of the Earles of Essex and Southampton together with some speaches that passed betwene them and the Lord Admiral her Majesties Leuetenant on Sonday the eight of february 1600/1.

The Office of a Constable written by Sir Francis Bacon

Theological treatises and sermons, notably by Robert Holcot

Theological works, notably by Peter Blomevenna

The Post Boy

Thirty Years War

Thompson, Ethne

Thompson, Helen G: letter (1967)

Thompson, Silvanus P: correspondence, 1891-1909

Thompson, Silvanus P: letter, 29 Aug [1908]

Thompson, Sir Benjamin: letter, 3 Oct 1796

Thompson, Sir Benjamin: letter, 18 Nov 1791

Thompson, Thomas Perronet: letter, 19 Mar 1848

Thompson, William: letter, 1841

Thopson, Thomas Perronet: letter, 14 Dec 1862

Tolansky, Samuel

Tolcher, Henry: letter (1720)

Toledo - moral treatise, 18th century

'To Maister Anthonie Bacon. An Apologie of the Earle of Essex....'

Tomsidwy, Francis: letter, 1602

Toppin, Aubrey John

Torres, Alonso de

Tower, Sir Reginald Thomas

Toynbee, Arnold (1852-1883)

Tract on the inspection of shipping

Tract on the Spanish American colonies

Tract on the state of Ireland by Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon

Tract relating to income tax

Tracts concerning banking and usury

Tracts on coinage

Tracts on usury

Tracts relating to the East India Company

Trade between Britain and Ireland

Transcript of the divorce proceedings of Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford

Transcripts of accounts of journeys of Spanish nobility and royalty

Transcripts of English parliamentary trials

Transcripts relating to French coinage

Translation of a work by Diego de Estella (1524-1578)

Translation of the De Rerum Natura of Titus Lucretius Carus

Translations of various works of Charles Davenant into Spanish

Travel journals, Europe

Treatise and papers on the offices of the English Exchequer

Treatise by Gregory King on the English economy

Treatise by Jacques Angrand on French finance

Treatise by Marc Antonio Cartagna on the economy of the Venetian Republic

Treatise on a Utopia

Treatise on book-keeping

Treatise on canon law (fragment)

Treatise on commerce

Treatise on European exchanges

Treatise on royal rights by Sir William Noy

Treatise on Scottish banking [by James Armour]

Treatise on Scottish bankruptcy law

Treatise on the creation of silver coinage

Treatise on the English Customs

Treatise on the English economy

Treatise on the iron trade of Great Britain

Treatise on the revenues of Brabant and Limburg

Treatise on the revenues of Brabant and Limburg (incomplete)

Treatise on the Royal Mint by Sir Richard Martin

Treatise on the worship of Priapus

Treatise on trade by Sir Patience Ward

Treatise relating to coinage in Saxony

Treatises by Petrus Paulus Vergerius the elder, Guarino Veronese and Magnus Basilius

Treatises on English Parliament, peerage and diplomacy

Treatises on European trade

Treatises on French commerce and diplomacy during the Thirty Years War

Treatises on French finance

Treatises on gallicanism and on French legislation

Trench, Herbert: letter, 1923

Trout, Robert Ridgill

Tucker, Josiah: letter, 1775

Turgot, Anne-Robert Jacques, Baron de l'Aulne

Turgot , Étienne François (Marquis de Cousmont): letter, 1783

Turner, Tom: lettercard, 1943

Turner, William

Underdown ecclesiastical architecture and design collection

Union of England and Scotland, 1604

Union of England and Scotland, 1706

Union of England and Scotland, 1706-1707

Union of England and Scotland, 1707

Union of Graduates in Music

University of Copenhagen documents

University of London

        Athlone Press

        British Postgraduate Medical Federation

        Standing Conference of the Librarians of the Libraries of the University of London (SCOLLUL)

        University of London Academic Council

        University of London Accountant

        University of London Audio-Visual Centre

        University of London Botanical Supply Unit

        University of London Brown Animal Sanatory Institution

        University of London Careers Advisory Service

        University of London Central File

        University of London Central Registry

        University of London Central Secretariat

        University of London Central Staff Association and Affiliated Clubs

        University of London Centre of International and Area Studies

        University of London Children's Outing Group

        University of London College Hall

        University of London Collegiate Council

        University of London Commerce Degree Bureau

        University of London Computer Centre

        University of London Computing Services

        University of London Convocation

        University of London Council

        University of London Court

        University of London Entrance Requirements Department

        University of London Examinations Department

        University of London External Council

        University of London Finance and General Purposes Committee

        University of London Graduates Association

        University of London Human Resources

        University of London Institute of Commonwealth Studies

        University of London Institute of Computer Science

        University of London Labour Party

        University of London Library

        University of London Library Resources Co-ordinating Committee

        University of London Medical Graduates Society

        University of London Military Education Committee and Officer Training Corps

        University of London Miscellaneous

        University of London Observatory

        University of London Organisation and Methods Unit

        University of London Physiological Laboratory

        University of London Publications

        University of London Public Relations Department

        University of London Purchasing Group

        University of London Registrar's Collection

        University of London Registrar's Office

        University of London Registration Officer

        University of London School Examinations Board

        University of London School of Advanced Study

        University of London Senate

        University of London Services Department

        University of London Standing Conference of School Training Officers

        University of London Training Management Board

        University of London Union

        University of London Vice Chancellor and Principal

University of London Collection

UZANNE, Octave (1852-1931)

Valladolid. Hospital de San Benito el Vejo

Vallecas. Capilla de Sancta Catalina martir

Valuation of tithes in Pickton, Yorkshire

Vane, Henry, 1st Earl of Darlington

Veere Magistracy

Veil, Col Robert Thomas de

Verdi, Giuseppe

View of Property, St Mary Axe, London

Voght, Baron Caspar von (1752-1839)

Voisin, C.D.

Volume of Religious Portraits

Vordoni, Pierre

Vosgien, Donat

Wakefield, Gilbert: letter

Walford, Cornelius: letter

Walker, John: letter

Walker, Richard

Wallace, Robert

Wallace, William: letter

Waller, Augustus Desiré (1656-1922)

Waller, William (fl 1907)

Walpole, Sir Hugh Seymour

Warburton, Henry: letter (1821)

Warwickshire Quarter Sessions

Watson, Dorothea (fl 1688): letter

Webb, Nell

Webb, Thomas H: letter

Webster, Daniel: Letter (1843 )

Webster, Daniel: Letter (1852)

Weights and Measures legislation

Welford, Richard Griffiths: letter (1943)

Wellington, Irene: greetings card (1975)

Wells, Gilbert

Wells Harbour

Wells, Herbert George: correspondence, [1894-1967]

Wells, Herbert George: correspondence, Aug 1942

Wells, Herbert George: letter, 5 Oct 1931

Wells, Herbert George: letter, 19 Jun 1921

Wells, Herbert George: letter, 20 Apr 1927

Wentworth, Sir John

Westington Manor, 1579

Westington Manor, 1589

Wheen, John and Wheen, Richard: letter

Whitaker, George

Whitehall, Gilbert

Whiteley, Opal

Whymper, William

Wilberforce, William: letter, 2 Aug 1823

Wilberforce, William: letter, 30 Dec 1831

Wilderspin additional

Wilderspin, Samuel (1792-1866)

Wildsmith, Noel

Williams, A Moray: letter

Williams, (Arthur Frederick) Basil

Williams, Owen: correspondence

Willoughby, George Philip

Wills (Kent, miscellaneous)

Wilson, Andrew (fl 1809)

Wilson, Benjamin

Wine trade documents

Wine trade petition

Wise, Thomas James and Wise, Frances Louise: correspondence (1931-1932)

Wood, John: letter (1830)

Woodrow, John: letter (1818)

Wood, Sir Charles: letter (1849)

Woolf, Leonard Sidney

Woolf, Virginia: letter

Wordsworth, William

Wordsworth, William: letter

World War One Pamphlets

Wormald, Francis

Wormald, Francis: letter

Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harnessmakers

Worshipful Company of Pewterers

Wright, Cyril Ernest

Yates, James: letter

Yates, John Ashton: letter (1843)

Yates, John: letter (1810)

Young, Arthur: letter [Aug 1790]

Young, Arthur: letter, 4 Feb 1777

Young, Gavin

Zangwill, Israel

Zola, Émile: visiting card ([1860-1902])