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TAYLOR, Shepherd Thomas (1840-1936)Papers of Shepherd Thomas Taylor including medical diary, general diaries, notebook with notes of lectures on internal cancers, accounts, 1859-1925. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
THRESH, John Clough (1850-1932)Record books, 1902-1905 and 1921-1922, relating to the examination of water and water supplies. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
TOWNSHEND, Thomas (1st Viscount Sidney)Letters and papers relating to the 'madness' of King George III, 1788-1886. ...Royal College of Physicians2017-01-09
TREVES, Sir Frederick (1853-1923)Images of Treves' world tour, 1903-1904, mainly of India, Burma, Ceylon, China, Japan, and Honolulu. Black and white reproductions taken from slides, ...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
TRITTON ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPTSOriental manuscripts, 12th to 20th centuries. There are several religious texts, although the majority are medical. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
TWEEDIE, Alexander (1794-1884)Tweedie's casebooks detailing cases of cholera in Abchurch Lane, East London, March-September 1832...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-15
TYSON, Edward (1650-1708)Original drawings of natural history and comparative anatomy for Edward Tyson's works on comparative anatomy. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
VAILLANT, Wilfrid Bernard (b.1864)Wilfrid Bernard Vaillant's papers, 1926-1939, include his family tree of the physician Thomas Sydenham, showing Vaillant's descent from Thomas Sydenha...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
WALSHE, Sir Francis Martin Rouse (1885-1973)Papers of Francis Martin Rouse Walshe including correspondence, 1915-1926 and notebook of anatomical notes and drawings, made by Walshe whilst he was ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26
WARBURTON, John (d 1843)Dissertation 'on insanity being the subject of an act read in the University of Cambridge; in order to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Medicine', May...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-26

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