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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
HALFORD, Sir Henry (1766-1844)Halford's papers, c.1767-1843, include notebooks containing medical extracts and observations, which include prescriptions, in the format of commonpla...Royal College of Physicians2003-08-06
HALL, James (fl 1811)One bound notebook of lecture notes....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
HAMEY, Baldwin (1600-1676)Hamey's papers, 1611-c.1660, include his copy of Caspar Bartholinus' (1585-1629) Anatomicae Institutiones Corporis Humani (1611), with annotations in ...Royal College of Physicians2007-06-24
HAMILTON, William (1758-1807)This collection comprises one notebook containing the first of a series of lectures given at the London Hospital Medical School....Royal College of Physicians2002-06-21
HARRISON, WilliamNotebooks of William Harrison containing notes on the practice of physic, pharmacy, midwifery, varia and botany, materia medica, toxicology and chemis...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-20
HARVEY, William (1578-1657)Harvey's papers, 1602-40, consist of offical and legal documents, include his diploma of DM from the University of Padua, 1602; Lease to Harvey of lan...Royal College of Physicians2003-05-02
HEAD, Sir Henry (1861-1940)Sir Henry Head's papers, 1891-1909, consist of his casebooks of patients with Herpes Zoster, with sketches and photographs, chiefly from Head's work a...Royal College of Physicians2003-10-22
HEBERDEN, William (1710-1801)Heberden's papers, c.1744 - [1784], include his notes on the history and cure of diseases, 1782, thought to be the original manuscript for his Comment...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10
HUTCHINSON, Sir Jonathan (1828-1913)Papers of Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, 1889-1906, consisting of his author's copy of Archives of Surgery (1889-1900), printed with annotations in his hand...Royal College of Physicians2003-11-28
JENNER, Edward (1749-1823)Jenner's diary, 1787-1806, containing his observations on the natural history of the cuckoo, and notes on his dissections of other birds and various d...Royal College of Physicians2003-06-10

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