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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
LONDON TRANSPORT Records of London Transport, comprising printed rules and instructions: "Rules for observance by employees of the London Transport Executive on and f...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-31
LONDON TRANSPORT Records of London Transport, 1931-1962, comprising minutes of the London Transport Executive, 1947-1962; London Transport Sub-Commission minutes, 195...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-31
LONDON TRANSPORT Papers of predecessor companies of London Transport. More information regarding each company can be found in the separate sub-fonds entry for that co...London Metropolitan Archives2010-01-19
LONDON TRANSPORT BOARD Records of the London Transport Board, comprising reports and financial accounts. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
LONDON TRANSPORT EXECUTIVE FILES Records of the London Transport Executive, including scheme of delegation of functions to the London Transport Executive by the British Transport Com...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
London Underground Limited (LUL): Managing Director: ReportsThis series contains reports from the Managing Directors of LUL concerning expenditure, financial results and funding requirements, manpower and perso...Transport for London (TfL) Corporate Archives2014-02-25
LONDON UNITED TRAMWAYS Records of London United Tramways, comprising minutes of Board meetings and General meetings. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
LONDON, EDINBURGH AND DUBLIN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY London, Edinburgh and Dublin Life Assurance Company Directors' minute book. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-24
LORIVAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY, SOUTHALL Documents relating to the premises of the Lorival Manufacturing Company, 1840-1927, comprising conveyances, mortgages, leases for premises in Norwood...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
LOTS ROAD POWER HOUSE Records of the Lots Road Power House, comprising minutes of Joint Committee Meetings; minutes of the Metropolitan District and London Electric Railwa...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13

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