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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
GRESHAM HOUSE ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED Gresham House Estate Company Limited records comprise minutes of the committee of management and the board of directors; financial material including...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
GRESHAM LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Records of the Gresham Life Assurance Society, including registers, notices, minutes, annual reports, financial accounts, valuation summaries, sample...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-21
GUARANTEE INSURANCE AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Board minute book of the Guarantee Insurance and Investment Company. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-21
GUARDIAN ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE Records including minutes; policy registers; annual reports; financial records including papers relating to shares and shareholders; agreements; corr...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04
HAMMERSMITH AND CITY RAILWAY Records of the Metropolitan Railway Company and Great Western Railway Company, joint operators of the Hammersmith and City Railway, comprising Joint ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
HAMMERSMITH AND CITY RAILWAY Records of the Hammersmith and City Railway, including Board meeting minutes; General meeting minutes; Board of Trade inspection reports; agreements,...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-08
HAMMERSMITH AND CITY RAILWAY Records of the Hammersmith and City Railway Company including adminstrative material, deeds relating to Hammersmith and Paddington, plans. ...London Metropolitan Archives2015-07-26
HAMMERSMITH AND CITY RAILWAY COMPANY Records of the Hammersmith and City Railway Company, comprising capital account (items charged to capital in period 1875-1877 but incurred from 1865-...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-27
HAMPTON COURT GAS COMPANY Records of the Hampton Court Gas Company, consisting of twelve volumes of signed minutes of directors' meetings of proprietors, 1937-1949. The majori...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
HARRISONS AND CROSFIELD (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Records of Harrisons and Crosfield (Holdings) Limited, including minute book and general papers regarding registration and shareholdings. Access to ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-04

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