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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Shaw Savill & Albion Co Ltd Papers of Shaw Savill and Albion Co Ltd. The bulk of the correspondence files belong to the period 1947 to 1965, although the earliest paper is dated...National Maritime Museum2012-04-28
SHEPTON MALLET TSI Records of Shepton Mallet Town Street Investments Limited, property developers, comprising papers and correspondence about creation and liquidation o...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
SHERRIFF, William (d 1903)Papers of William Sherriff relating principally to historical and survey work on plans for a Burma-China railway through the Shan States of Northern B...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
Shipbuilders and Repairers National Association Papers of the Shipbuilders and Repairers National Association. Including Shipbuilding Employers' Federation: these records include the minute book o...National Maritime Museum2012-04-28
Shipbuilders and Repairers National Association: Dry Dock and Repairers Central Council files Shipbuilders and Repairers National Association Dry Dock and Repairers Central Council files, 1915-1970, see full list in printed catalogue for detai...National Maritime Museum2013-01-17
Shipbuilding This class, consisting of forty-fve volumes, relates to the history, practice and business methods of British, French and German shipbuilding, sevent...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28
SHIPPING Documents relating to merchant shipping; including release of 'Adina' at termination of voyage, 1867; release of 'Fontabelle' at termination of voyag...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-31
SHIPPING Papers relating to shipping, 1879-1889, comprising agreements and accounts of crew for home trading and foreign-going ships. Information provided inc...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29
SHIPPING Records relating to shipping, including ship's log books; agreements, usually giving names of crew; and accounts of voyages. Also plan of Tooting St...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-31
Signals CollectionSignals Collection comprising two East India Company signal books. The first is a printed signal book of 1783 entitle 'A Collection of Signals for the...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28

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