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NEW RIVER COMPANY: RECORDS OF WATER SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION Records of the New River Company relating to water supply and distribution, including pipe order books; papers relating to works carried out; Enginee...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
NEW RIVER COMPANY: RECORDS RELATING TO STAFF Staff records of the New River Company, including wages books; returns of employees and papers relating to staff appointments. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
NORTH METROPOLITAN TRAMWAYS Records of North Metropolitan Tramways, comprising minutes of Board meetings, minutes of General meetings and minutes of Shareholder meetings. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
NORTH THAMES AND SOUTH EASTERN GAS BOARDS AND PREDECESSORS Records donated by the London Gas Museum, comprising some 400 Ordnance Survey sheets of various scales and editions, 1893-1989. Many have been amende...London Metropolitan Archives2019-05-11
NORTHAMPTON (EARL OF) Survey of the water mains of the New River Company in the grounds of the Earl of Northampton in Clerkenwell and Islington, 1798. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-28
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY Records of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Fire and Life Assurance Company, comprising minutes and instructions to agents. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION Records of the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited, comprising Board minutes, Accident Department minutes, Guarantee Department minutes,...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-06
Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd Papers of Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd .Most of them are post-Second World War; the majority of the earlier records were destroyed when the company...National Maritime Museum2012-04-22
PADDINGTON-WAPPING CANAL Records relating to the Paddington to Wapping Canal, comprising letters applying for stock, 1802; 27 sheets recording a canvass of persons affected a...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-28
PALLADIUM LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY: BUSINESS Business records of Palladium Life Assurance Society including propectuses; life instruction book; proposals; re-registrations of judgements on Irish...London Metropolitan Archives2012-06-09

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