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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
UNITED RAILWAYS OF THE HAVANA & REGLA WAREHOUSES RECORDS Records of the United Railways of the Havana & Regla Warehouses Ltd, 1871-1975, including minute books 1898-1956; stock and share certificates, 1...University College London2020-06-18
UNIVERSITY LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Records of the University Life Assurance Society, including the Royal Charter and supplemental charters; minute books; share certificates; life polic...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-12
Van Ommeren (London) Limited Papers of Van Ommeren (London) Limited, comprising Charter Party guard books, 1940 to 1944, 1949 to 1952, 1955 to 1965; a commission book, 1965 to 19...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
VICTORIA EMBANKMENT PROPERTIES LIMITED Victoria Embankment Properties Limited records comprise minutes of board meetings and of annual general meetings, papers submitted to board meetings,...London Metropolitan Archives2011-02-12
VICTORY INSURANCE COMPANY Records of the Victory Insurance Company, comprising annual reports and accounts, a prospectus, and a register of members. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-08-07
WALLACE BROTHERS AND COMPANY (HOLDINGS) LIMITED: BOMBAY BURMAH TRADING CORPORATION LIMITEDRecords of Wallace Brothers concerning Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, including memorandum and articles of association; board minutes; ann...London Metropolitan Archives2014-01-06
WALLACE BROTHERS AND COMPANY (HOLDINGS) LIMITED: HERMES SECURITIES LIMITED Records of Hermes Securities Limited including minutes of the board, directors reports and accounts and register of members and share register. Also ...London Metropolitan Archives2014-02-05
WALLACE BROTHERS AND COMPANY (HOLDINGS) LIMITED: LESLIE AND ANDERSON LIMITEDRecords of Leslie and Anderson Limited including records of Leslie and Anderson Limited, Leslie and Anderson (Holdings) Limited and The Leslie and And...London Metropolitan Archives2014-02-05
WALLACE BROTHERS DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED Records of Wallace Brothers Developments Limited including board, AGM and EGM minute books and register of members and share register. ...London Metropolitan Archives2014-02-05
WALLACE BROTHERS FINANCE LIMITED Records of Wallace Brothers Finance Limited including board minute book and register of members and share register. ...London Metropolitan Archives2014-02-05

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