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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Freebairn SketchesPencil sketches of views in Rome. ...University College London2020-07-10
GAITSKELL PAPERSPapers, 1902-1963, of the Rt Hon Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell, predominantly political, comprising family and personal papers, 1902-1963 (Ref: A); paper...University College London2020-06-18
GALTON PAPERSPapers of Sir Francis Galton, consisting of papers relating to the personal history of Galton and his family, 1612-1926; papers relating to Galton's s...University College London2020-10-07
Gardner PapersHandwritten diaries and notebooks containing writings on Greek history, Roman mythology, notes from lectures, poetry verses and prose. ...University College London2020-06-26
Gaster PapersCorrespondence and papers of Dr Moses Gaster, his family, and the family of his wife Lucy (née Friedlander), 1796-1973, dating largely from the 1870s ...University College London2020-06-04
Genealogical Table of the Kings of EnglandParchment roll, late 15th century, containing a genealogical table of the Kings of England to Edward IV, showing their descent from Adam and Eve, flan...University College London2001-10-18
George Orwell PapersPapers of and relating to George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair), 1875-[1997], comprising manuscripts and typescripts, 1917-1959 (Ref: A); literary noteboo...University College London2020-06-18
German Religious PoemManuscript poem, 17th century, 'Himmelfahrt Der Ordensleute' (ascension of orders), in rhyming couplets. Folio 1r bears an inscription dated 1660, des...University College London2001-10-18
German Religious Poetry AnthologyAnthology of religious poems, 17th century, including penitential prayers and verse meditations on the joys of the next world. Following an introducti...University College London2001-10-18
Gilbert PapersWorking papers and correspondence, c1930-1955, in manuscript and typescript, assembled by Lionel Felix Gilbert for a proposed biography of William Hyd...University College London2020-06-18

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