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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
DODWELL AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Dodwell and Company Limited, importers, exporters and shipping agents, including board minutes; register of directors; annual reports; fin...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
DRY DOCKS CORPORATION OF LONDON LIMITED The Dry Docks Corporation of London Limited records comprise the minute book of the board of directors and finance committee, and accompanying index....London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
DUNCAN MACNEILL AND COMPANY LIMITED Records of Duncan Macneill and Company, including partnership deeds; correspondence; financial accounts; annual reports; agreements; and valuations o...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
ECONOMIC LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Economic Life Assurance Society records comprise constitutional documents, minutes and other financial and administrative material. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
FARMERS AND GARDENERS HAILSTORM INSURANCE COMPANY Directors' minute book of the Farmers and Gardeners Hailstorm Insurance Company. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
FARMERS AND GENERAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE AND LOAN AND ANNUITY COMPANY The Farmers and General Fire and Life Insurance and Loan and Annuity Company collection primarily comprises minutes, but also includes some constitut...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17
ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Alliance Assurance Company Limited, comprising constitutional documents; board minutes and various committee minutes; life policy regi...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
ALLIANCE MARINE ASSURANCE COMPANY Records of the Alliance Marine Assurance Company, later known as Alliance Marine and General Assurance Company Limited, comprising deeds of settlemen...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
ANGLO-THAI CORPORATION Records of the Anglo-Thai Corporation and predecessors; including partnership deeds; agreements; articles of association; Directors' minute books; pr...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
ASSAM AND AFRICAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED Records of Assam and African Investments Limited, including annual reports and financial records. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16

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