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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
SHADWELL WATERWORKS COMPANY Records of the Shadwell Waterworks Company, 1673-1869, including records relating to the establishment of Shadwell Waterworks, agreement with West Ha...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29
SHIPPING Papers relating to shipping, 1879-1889, comprising agreements and accounts of crew for home trading and foreign-going ships. Information provided inc...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-29
PADDINGTON-WAPPING CANAL Records relating to the Paddington to Wapping Canal, comprising letters applying for stock, 1802; 27 sheets recording a canvass of persons affected a...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-28
LONDON TRAMWAYS COMPANY Records of London Tramways Ltd, consisting of printed circulars, 1881. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
METROPOLITAN WATER BOARD Records of the Metropolitan Water Board, comprising a certificate of long service issued to Thomas Scarth, employed as collector by Chelsea Water Wor...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
METROPOLITAN WATER BOARD PREDECESSORS Records of Metropolitan Water Board predecessors, 1870-1969, comprising contracts, tenders and specifications for construction, improvements and othe...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-30
MOLINS UK PENSION FUND This collection contains Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklets; 'Trust Deed and Rules relating to The Molins Pension Fund' (1936) [facsimile]; 'The Mol...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-30
ISLEWORTH BREWERY Account book for Mr John Dalton, in account with John Charles and William T Farnell, Isleworth, recording ale, hock, beer, and porter supplied to him...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-29
J.J. LANE LIMITED {ENGINEERS} Records of J J Lane Limited, engineers, 1873-1957, including letter books, printed catalogues and brochures illustrating the company's products, Sale...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-29
MULTIPLE ADVERTISING CLOCK COMPANY LIMITED Records of the Multiple Advertising Clock Company Limited, 1924-1927, including memorandum and articles of association; agreements; letters patent an...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-28

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