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Dawson, William (1810-1858) and Dugald (1805-1841)Papers of William and Dugald Dawson comprising 80 letters from Dugald Dawson (dated 1823-1840) and 64 letters from William Dawson (dated 1828-1843). A...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Fox-Smith, Cicely, authoress (d 1955) Papers of Cicely Fox Smith, consisting of some manuscript material including logs of three East India merchant ships 1851 to 1854; a number of letter...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Henley, Michael, & Son The papers in the Museum relate to the Henleys' shipping and other commercial interests between 1771 and 1830. From about 1784, when Joseph seems to...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Devitt & MoorePapers of Devitt and Moore. Those relating to vessels owned, chartered and loaded by the company include: copies of registers of vessels, 1859 to 1897...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd Papers of Eastern and Australian Steamship Co Ltd, containing a copy of the 1873 mail contract with the Government of Queensland: the Memorandum and ...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Edward Bates & Sons Papers of Edward Bates and Sons. The major part consists of carbon copies of the daily letters written privately between 1878 and 1902 by Edward Perc...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
NORTHAMPTON (EARL OF) Survey of the water mains of the New River Company in the grounds of the Earl of Northampton in Clerkenwell and Islington, 1798. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-28
LONDON ELECTRICITY BOARD (LEB) Records of the London Electric Supply Corporation Limited and successor London Electricity Board, comprising plans of Main Transmissions Networks in ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-29
WHITBREAD PROPERTIES LIMITED Records of Whitbread Properties Limited, a subsidiary of Whitbread and Company Limited, brewers, including corporate registers, accounts and estate l...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-29
UBS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED (FORMERLY PHILLIPS AND DREW) The collection consists of copies of Pension Fund Indicators (1994-2009 in hard copy, 1973-2008 in PDF format) and the annual Surveys of Investment M...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-26

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