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Dirac; Paul Adrien Maurice (1902-1984) Letters discussing family matters and work from Paul Dirac and his wife Margit Dirac to Esther and Myer Salaman. Einstein had been Esther's supervis...Royal Society2009-10-31
Domestic Manuscripts Letters and papers relating to the Royal Society's administration. The first 4 volumes contain papers (in the form of legal opinions, Council decisi...Royal Society2009-10-31
Dominicetti, Bartholomew di A medical tract on a new system of medicinal bathing in the form of a letter addressed to the Royal Society by Bartholomew di Dominicetti, 3 Dec 176...Royal Society2009-10-31
Drach, Solomon Moses (1815-1879) A complete ternary square table up to 256,000 followed by a quaternary square table by Solomon Moses Drach, 1866. ...Royal Society2009-11-10
Drach, Solomon Moses (1815-1879) A binary-square table giving the component roots of al l numbers which are the sums of two squares up to two hundred and fifty five thousand by Solom...Royal Society2009-11-10
Early Letters Original manuscripts of letters to the Royal Society, which are largely scientific. These papers form the raw material from which the Letter Books w...Royal Society2009-05-08
Ecclesiastical and astronomical calendar An ecclesiastical and astronomical calendar, together with the tables and figures of the zodiac: folding calendar on a sheet of parchment. Original...Royal Society2009-11-10
Eclipses 1882-2000: Rough projections of eclipses of the sun and moon Eclipses 1882-2000: Rough projections of eclipses of the sun and moon by Samuel J. Johnson, includes a letter from the author dated 25 March 1882 wr...Royal Society2009-11-10
Egerton, Sir Alfred Charles Glyn (1886-1959)Correspondence, diaries and other papers of Sir Alfred Charles Glyn Egerton, including some personal papers but largely relating to The Royal Society ...Royal Society2003-01-24
Elgar, James and Newton, John A system of mathematical tables inscribed on title page ' James Elgar May 8th 1756'. Originally entitled 'A system of mathematical tables by James El...Royal Society2009-10-31

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